💪 Try Schwarzenegger's Brutal Workout Split

It’s a hot one today, so pour some pre-workout on the rocks and enjoy today’s Ripped Report in front of the air conditioner.

Here's what we have for you today:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger's comprehensive bodybuilding workout split.

  • A full breakdown of your back anatomy and tips on how to train it effectively.

  • The ultimate guide to simultaneously building muscle and losing fat for a complete body recomposition.


The Word of Arnold

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If you're looking for the ultimate program to sculpt some blockbuster muscle, look no further than the legendary "Austrian Oak" himself.

From conquering the Mr. Olympia title an incredible seven times to carving out an impactful career in politics, philanthropy, and the silver screen, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s success can be attributed, in part, to his painstakingly crafted physique.

And if you’re looking to follow in his lofty footsteps, it's crucial to adhere to the rigorous workout split — or a modified version — that he followed in his prime. We’ve got a full breakdown of his routine below. (And no, all that volume is not a typo.)


Know Your Back

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Unlike the prominent muscles like the pecs or biceps, identifying and targeting the back muscles may require more attention. However, neglecting to fully understand the muscles comprising the upper body's posterior chain is akin to embarking on a journey without a destination.

It’s crucial to understand the muscles in your back, how to train them effectively, and which movements target each muscle. While performing a few rows and pull-ups might seem sufficient, we know you're seeking a purposeful and guided workout, not a random routine that leaves hypertrophy to chance.

Continue reading to navigate the training methodologies for your back muscles with maximum efficiency.


Body Revamp

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You’re likely familiar with the concepts of bulking and cutting, and perhaps you've even given them both a try. But have you ever wondered if you could achieve both goals at the same time?

Though many people will tell you it’s not possible, certain studies indicate that you can lose fat while building muscle effectively with the right approach. That approach, however, takes a lot of organization, education, and discipline.

If you’re up to the challenge, you can discover the ultimate guide to body recomposition: a proven method that enables you to bulk up while slimming down simultaneously.


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