💪 Try Dorian Yates’ Legendary Back Workout

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  • Forget bro science — find out about the research-backed benefits of creatine.

  • Learn from the best as Cydney Gillion shares tips on building your legs.


Blood & Guts & Back Workouts

GIF: @DorianYatesNutrition on YouTube

Throughout the 1990s, Dorian Yates was the dark lord of bodybuilding. “The Shadow,” as he came to be known, loomed large and mountainous over every competition he attended. Yates was notoriously reclusive; when his competitors would disrobe backstage to begin pumping up their physiques, Yates remained shrouded in baggy clothing. Not that he needed to — his silhouette spun the tale that the competition was over before it even began.

Yates heralded the iconic “mass monster” era that defined bodybuilding for decades (and influences it to this day). His back, in particular, helped him rampage through the IFBB (now the IFBB Pro League), bagging six Mr. Olympia titles along the way.

If you want to bring up your back and cast your own shadow over the weight room, you’re in luck. Yates isn’t nearly as shy about sharing his back-building secrets as he was about unveiling his physique. Below, you’ll find the workout that helped forge his Olympia dynasty.


Benefits of Creatine

Image: Day Of Victory Studio on Shutterstock

Relatively few sports supplements have an abundance of nearly undeniable research supporting their effectiveness. Many fall into the vague category of “probably works for most people most of the time.” Creatine is one of the rare standouts.

If you are unfamiliar with creatine, or if you could use a science-based refresher, it’s best to start with the basics. No, creatine is not a steroid. And, no, it won’t melt your kidneys. In fact, creatine monohydrate, the most common form of supplemental creatine, is generally recognized as safe (G.R.A.S) — an official designation that can only be applied to foods and products which have undergone stringent examination and critical review.

Creatine’s potential benefits extend beyond athletic competition and the gym. Check out the benefits, potential side effects, and common dosing protocols below.


Gillon’s Leg-Building Tips

Image: @vytamin_c on Instagram

Bodybuilder Cydney Gillon is the reigning and six-time Figure Olympia champ. Famous for her incredible shape, balance, symmetry, conditioning, and stage presence, she prioritizes muscle stimulation over heavy weights in the gym.

In addition to racking up an obscene number of Olympia titles, Gillon also posts training advice to her YouTube channel so fans can incorporate useful tips into their own routines. And in a recent video, Gillon focused on how she grows her lower body without lifting too heavy in the off-season.

Part of the secret, according to Gillion, is an emphasis on unilateral movements and high rep counts. You can read the in-depth breakdown below:


Crunch Time

Image: Skydive Erick on Shutterstock

  • The cable crunch is still one of the premier ab-builders around. Here’s a quick-and-dirty rundown on how to do this move the right way.

  • Two 2023 Olympia qualifications were handed out this past weekend at the Sheru Classic Italy Pro. Check out the full results.

  • Men’s Physique competitor Christian Guzman joined the four-time Classic Physique champ Chris Bumstead for a high-octane leg workout. Follow along on your own here.


‘90s Power

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