💪 Try Arnold's Brutal Workout Split for World-Class Gains


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Here’s what we have for you: 

  • A breakdown of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s workout split and how to modify it to match your fitness objectives

  • The best fitness equipment deals online for the 4th of July holiday 

  • Bodybuilding chest workouts you need in your routine


Train Like Arnold

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is a colossus in the realm of bodybuilding. His legendary physique earned him seven Olympia titles and catapulted him to fame as one of the biggest movie stars on the planet. While not a one-size-fits-all prescription, his training regimen could serve as a blueprint to help you hit your individual fitness goals.

His dedication to high-volume workouts, with nine sessions spread across six days, is fierce. He would focus on his chest and back in the mornings and legs in the evenings on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays were for shoulders, arms, forearms, calves, and abs.

This demanding schedule had him in the gym for 15-20 hours weekly. But fear not: we've tailored his routine to suit the schedules of lifters at all levels, empowering you to take on a routine inspired by a legend.


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4th of July Sales

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Beyond fireworks, hotdogs, and a day off, the 4th of July also marks a prime time for online shopping, especially for fitness equipment sales. That’s why we explored the top 4th of July 2024 deals on fitness equipment, featuring home gym machines from leading brands like Rep Fitness, Sole, and Onnit. 

Whether you're in the market for a squat rack or a treadmill, these 4th of July sales have you covered. American Barbell is offering compelling deals on squat racks, while Echelon's savings include up to $700 off treadmills, 50% off bike accessories, and free shipping. And that's not all. We've also found the best deals on 4th of July recovery equipment and supplements. 

With our top selections, you can start building your perfect home gym or replenishing your supplement supply. Check out the deals in the link below.


Build Your Pecs 

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Achieving a larger chest size requires a tailored approach; no universal strategy works for everyone. To develop strong, well-defined pecs, it's crucial to customize your workout to align with your personal fitness goals. Beginners should avoid diving into advanced routines too soon, while seasoned lifters must push beyond the basics to continue making gains. Explore our comprehensive chest workout guide in three variations to accommodate your experience level. 

Whether you're just starting, at an intermediate level, or an advanced lifter, our program is designed to facilitate steady progress. We offer the finest chest exercises tailored for each stage and advice on seamlessly transitioning to more challenging levels. Our guide also includes tips on choosing the correct exercises to effectively target every area of the chest, ensuring a balanced and effective workout.


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