💪 Do Tom Platz's Brutal Leg Workout for Titanic Quads

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Here’s what’s on tap:

  • Learn five row variations to hit your back muscles from every angle

  • Try the leg workout bodybuilder Tom Platz did on the regular to blow up his quads

  • Relive Courtney King’s journey to winning the 2016 Bikini Olympia championship 


Row Gains

Credit: @arrowvideo / Instagram

While you might be tempted to dedicate most of your gym time to sculpting your pecs and biceps, it's crucial to prioritize your back training. Strong posterior muscles prevent imbalances that could lead to shoulder and lower back pain. Moreover, developing pulling strength dramatically contributes to impressive numbers on the deadlift.

However, it's also easy to run into a rut with your back training, resulting in doing the same old moves day in and day out with diminishing returns. After all, comprehensive back development involves incorporating different pulling movements that engage your rhomboids and lats from various angles. 

And whaddya know? We just so happen to have a step-by-step guide featuring the five best row variations you need to kick your back into overdrive. And not only do we give you the moves — we explain how to do them and who they’re best suited for. The only thing we don’t do is come to your gym and lift the weights for you. (We’re working on that, too; there are just a few legal roadblocks to figure out.)


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The Platz Plan

Credit: @tomplatz / Instagram

Ronnie Coleman was renowned for his incredible back, and Arnold Schwarzenegger's chest is unmatched to this day, but Tom Platz still stands out for his massive leg development. If you want to add size to your lower half, it's a no-brainer to take notes on "The Quadfather's" legendary leg workout that helped him develop 30-inch thighs.

Platz's workouts sometimes consisted of an astonishing 43 sets, with a squat protocol that ranged from eight sets of five reps to as many as a dozen sets of 20. This diverse set-rep scheme effectively engaged various energy systems and recruited different muscle fibers, unlocking his legs' genetic potential. 

Discover the strategic accessory machine exercises and the brilliant exercise sequence that contributed to arguably the most remarkable leg development in bodybuilding history. We also have modifications for all fitness levels, so you won't have to do 43 weekly sets to build impressive leg size.


Queen of the Stage

Credit: @courtneykiing / Instagram

While newer fans may only know Courtney King as the future wife of Classic Physique champ Chris Bumstead, longtime followers of the sport recognize her accomplishments on the stage, including a Bikini Olympia championship a few years back. The Chicago native’s bodybuilding career began early as a teenager, culminating in her professional debut in 2013, where she placed seventh in her first Bikini Olympia appearance. 

Three years later, King won her first and only Bikini Olympia title, defeating three-time champion Ashley Kaltwasser along the way. She had an impressive career as a competitor throughout the 2010s and continues to attract fans on her social media pages. Here's a closer look at her life and journey in the sport, including the glute workout that paved the way to her 2016 Olympia win. 


Extension Tips

Credit: Vladimir Sukhachev / Shutterstock

  • Still got Tom Platz on the brain? The machine leg extension isolates and grows your quadriceps better than almost any other exercise. Here’s how to do them properly to ensure proper quad engagement. 

  • Does kinesiology tape help athletes, or is it all for looks? Find out what science says about this widespread sports medicine practice. 

  • Squats are a staple to developing a well-developed physique, and the height of your shoe heels is critical for proper form. Here are the 11 best weightlifting shoes for stability and mobility.