💪 Are Sam Sulek's Workouts BS?


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Here’s what we’ve got today:

  • Is Sam Sulek the real deal? Jeff Nippard critiques his approach to training using science

  • Learn how five-time Classic Physique Olympia champ Chris Bumstead trains his chest and back

  • Get our exclusive recap of the 2024 Arnold Strongman, Strongwoman, and Arnold Classic events


Nippard Grades Sulek 

Credit: Jeff Nippard / YouTube

Applying exercise science to your workouts will transform your fitness results from mediocre to exceptional. Bodybuilder/powerlifter/influencer Jeff Nippard recently utilized evidence-based science to critically analyze the training methods of Sam Sulek, one of the most popular fitness influencers in the scene.

Nippard's in-depth evaluation of Sulek's approach focused on critical aspects of his training, such as range of motion, volume, and the number of sets, showcasing the importance of a scientifically grounded exercise regimen.

Nippard meticulously reviewed 460 sets executed by Sulek, scrutinizing strengths, potential areas for improvement, and critical elements such as technique, progression, intensity, and rep ranges. Did Sulek pass Nippard’s evaluation? Find out below.


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CBum Sets the Bar High

Credit: Chris Bumstead / YouTube

Five-time Classic Physique Olympia champion Chris Bumstead is emphasizing chest development as he eyes his sixth title later this year. To get there, “CBum” wants to bench press 170-pound dumbbells for eight reps before he hits the stage in October. He’s not there yet — but he’s close.

He recently shared a video on his YouTube channel showcasing his intensive hypertrophy chest and back workout. The video highlights his use of isometric holds, slow eccentrics, and pause-reps across eight exercises. Incorporate the strategies he recommends during training to effectively enhance your chest growth.


BarBend’s Arnold Classic Breakdown

Credit: BarBend

The 2024 Arnold Sports Festival is in the books. The strength-based showcase in Columbus, Ohio, encompassed the Arnold Classic (bodybuilding) and the Arnold Strongman & Strongwoman events, and it was an absolute doozy. (And we do not use doozy lightly around here.)

Mitchell Hooper again showed why he is the world's strongest man with a stellar performance to defend his title. Meanwhile, strongwoman Lucy Underdown set a new world record in the Max Elephant Deadlift, but Angelica Jardine clinched the Arnold Strongwoman Classic victory by a narrow margin. 

Hadi Choopan, the 2023 Mr. Olympia, emerged as the overall champion in the Arnold Classic. Fans were also shocked to see bodybuilder Wesley Vissers claim the Classic Physique title, beating the reigning champion, Ramon Queiroz.

Want more? Below, Strength Weekly hosts David Thomas Tao and Phil Blechman provide an in-depth breakdown of the Arnold Classic.


Roll It Out

Credit: BarBend

  • Lat pulldowns isolate the lats to widen your frame. Learn how to do this movement properly and how it effectively isolates your muscles without placing any extra stress on your lower back. 

  • Adding foam rolling to your regimen will help with workout recovery and mobility. Here’s our review of the best foam rollers around. 

  • The results are in for the 2024 China DMS Pro bodybuilding competition. Diogo Montenegro and Lauralie Chapados won the Men’s Physique and Bikini divisions, respectively. See the full breakdown here.