💪 The Right Row Grips for Your Goals

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Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

  • The best row grip variations to execute an effective back workout

  • A preview of the Bikini division showdown at the 2024 Arnold Classic

  • How to properly incorporate the push-pull-legs split, no matter your experience level


It’s All in the Grip

Credit: mountaira / Shutterstock

Barbell rows are an essential compound exercise for developing a solid back. However, there’s more to this movement than just lifting the barbell to your belly button. How you grip the barbell activates different muscle regions, making it a nuanced and effective exercise for targeting specific areas of your back. 

Numerous grip variations can be utilized to target different back muscles effectively. For instance, if you choose to use a supinated grip (underhand) during rows, it will primarily engage your biceps. Even your grip width plays a significant role in what muscles get worked. If your objective is to maximize strength gains, opting for a medium grip width is recommended. Modifying your grip can address any lagging body parts within your posterior chain. 

Continue reading to discover your grip's profound impact on enhancing your back workout.


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Break Out the Bikinis

Credit: @arnoldsports / Instagram

The 2024 IFBB Pro bodybuilding season is heating up, and a big piece of the initial competitive slate is the Bikini International Bodybuilding Show. As one of the seven prestigious professional competitions held during the Arnold Sports Festival, the 2024 Bikini International boasts an impressive lineup of accomplished bodybuilders ready to showcase their skills on stage.

Set for March 2, 2024, in Columbus, OH, the 14th edition of the Bikini International features 12 promising bodybuilding competitors, including the defending champion Lauralie Chapados and three other past Arnold champs. Check out the preview below and get up to speed on the various Arnold bodybuilding competitions coming in just a few weekends.



Credit: restyler / Shutterstock

The push-pull-legs method is a proven way to structure your training days. It involves dedicating one day to pushing muscles (chest and triceps), another to pulling muscles (back and biceps), and a third day to legs. The three-day split below allows for optimal strength and muscle growth while ensuring sufficient recovery time for each muscle group before training them again.

Depending on where you’re at on your fitness journey — beginner, intermediate, or advanced — will dictate the specific movements and volume you should focus on. By making a few simple adjustments, you can effectively utilize the push-pull-legs approach to consistently enhance your progress, break through plateaus, and promote a well-proportioned and robust physique.

Learn how this versatile strategy can benefit you, regardless of whether you're new to the gym, a bodybuilder, or a strength athlete.


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