💪 The Return Of Lee Priest???

Want to hear something wild? Pringles aren't technically potato chips. They're made by pressing dehydrated potato flakes into chip shapes, so they're called "crisps". Want to hear something else crazy? At nearly 50 years old, legendary bodybuilder Lee Priest may step back on stage

Also, William Bonac won the Boston Pro Show, the IFBB Elite Pro has banned Russian and Belarusian athletes, and Shaun Clarida is absurdly strong. Keep reading for all the latest in bodybuilding.


What a Comeback!

Oh how quickly a frown can turn upside down.

Last week, William Bonac was publicly disappointed about his second-place finish to Brandon Curry at the 2022 Arnold Classic. "What more do I have to do?" he wrote on Instagram. Fast forward seven days, and Bonac won the inaugural Boston and qualified for the 2022 Olympia (which will be his ninth appearance at the big show).

For the Men's Open division, the Boston Pro served as an Arnold reboot (the cool Marvel kind), with six of the nine AC competitors posing down in Boston. Justin Rodriguez earned second and Steve Kuclo placed third.

Here are all the winners from the rest of the Boston Pro Show:

  • Men's Open: William Bonac

  • Classic Physique: Urs Kalecinski

  • Figure: Lola Montez

  • Fitness: Missy Truscott

  • Bikini: Maureen Blanquisco

  • Men's Physique: Erin Banks

  • Wellness: Yarishna Ayala


The IFBB Elite Pro Takes a Stand

The IFBB Elite Pro joins a multitude of sports organizations banning Russian and Belarusian athletes from competition. 

The statement, released on March 8, 2022, says: "Considering the Dramatic situation that is hitting and isolating Ukraine, according to the IOC's [International Olympic Committee] strong recommendations, and as well in order to preserve the integrity of IFBB activities and the safety of all participants, the IFBB Executive Committee has decided that Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials will not be allowed to participate in the IFBB international competitions."

The "situation" in question is Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which began on Feb. 24, 2022. The IFBB Elite Pro has not said when their ban will possibly lift. 


Bodybuilding's Bad Boy Returns(???)

Lee Priest has fans waiting with bated breath.

Supplement company Species Nutrition posted photos of the Australian bodybuilder, teasing a "truly astonishing physique transformation." And since the photos were made public, Priest has been posting pictures of chicken and potatoes and steak, which aren't foods you eat as a retired 49-year-old unless you have big plans. 

So what does this mean? Well, it could mean that the legendary bodybuilder just wants to get his summer bod back. On the other hand, Olympia owner Jake Wood has said that the Masters Olympia will return, possibly as soon as 2023, so Priest could be mounting a competitive comeback on the sport's biggest stage.

It's been nine years since Priest competed. At 5'4" and around 230 pounds, Priest stood delt-to-delt with some of the biggest and best in the sport. At the 1997 Olympia, he out-ranked the likes of Chris Cormier, Mike Francois, and Ronnie Coleman. He's also known for being outspoken on topics such as athlete pay at the Olympia. 


Pick Your Poison

Your mom may not have a favorite kid (at least you better hope not) but she should have a favorite bodybuilding lift for each muscle group. 

When it comes to targeting specific muscles for growth, some exercises do offer more benefits than others. This isn't to say folks may not have a personal preference — no body is the same (unless you're one of the Winklevoss Twins). However, a seated cable chest press offers more joint-friendly loading than dumbbell presses; preacher curls induce a greater muscle-building stretch compared to hammer curls; your lower back isn't a factor during chest-supported rows. 

Do you see where we're going with this? If you're looking to change up your programming, read our list of the best bodybuilding exercises and then get to lifting. 


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