💪 Nick Walker vs. Jay Cutler: Comparing the Mass Monsters

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Nick Walker and Jay Cutler are two of the most popular bodybuilders of their respective generations. We examined how their careers stack up against each other in a fantasy bodybuilding face-off.

Though Shaun Clarida made waves by switching to the Men’s Open division for the Arnold Classic, he recently said he’s returning to 212 for the foreseeable future.

Are you paying enough attention to your upper chest during your workouts? If you need to make up for lost gains, these five exercises will get you there.


Jay Cutler vs. Nick Walker

Featured Images: @jaycutler on Instagram (Cutler), T.J. Darr (Walker)

​​If you want to determine the most successful bodybuilder of a certain era, then you simply look at the number of championships they won during their careers. Determining the most popular competitors is a little different. Social media can help provide some information, but it isn’t all about followers online. Crowd support at shows, lines at expos, and merchandise sales could tell more of the story.

Regardless of what metrics you use, Jay Cutler and Nick Walker hold their own in both onstage success and fan support.

Cutler, a four-time Mr. Olympia, competed as a pro from 1998 to 2013, and he’s still one of the most admired athletes in the sport 10 years after his retirement. Meanwhile, Walker is a threat to win every major show he chooses to enter.

Could Walker actually match Culter’s accomplishments? We’ll have to wait a while before we get an answer. But in the meantime, we're breaking down their physiques and accomplishments to see how both men stack up.


Clarida’s Planting His Flag

Image: @shaunclarida on Instagram

Though Shaun Clarida is a two-time 212 division Olympia champ, he decided to mix it up with the big boys in the Men's Open division at the Arnold Classic this year — and the result was an impressive fifth-place finish. That placing was one spot behind Big Ramy, the two-time Mr. Olympia who outweighs Clarida by at least 100 pounds.

That said, don’t expect Clarida to compete in Men’s Open often. During a recent episode of The Truth podcast with esteemed bodybuilding trainer Hany Rambod, Calrida said he wants to break James “Flex” Lewis’ 212 Olympia record of seven titles. That means he’s sticking with the 212 division in search of this hallowed ambition.


Upper-Deck Pecs

GIF: Disney

Chest day is one of the most revered training sessions of the week among gym-goers. But a strong pair of pecs is about more than just looking good — adding some oomph to your chest can help you during everything from powerlifting and CrossFit exercises to gymnastics and even yoga.

While the standard bench press lives up to its reputation for being an all-around fantastic exercise for strength and size, you can take a more articulate approach to your training by paying special attention to the upper chest. 

Don't know where to start? We’re here to get you up to speed with our list of the five best upper chest exercises to boost your training program.


Nail the Zercher Squat

Image: BarBend

  • The Zercher squat is a difficult move to perform — but when done right, it can add a serious boost to your leg day. Here’s how to pull it off and reap those sweet, sweet benefits.

  • Three-time Bikini Olympia champion Ashley Kaltwasser recently offered insight on how she prevents food cravings during her show prep.

  • The 2023 Pittsburgh Pro is shaping up to be an all-star event for bodybuilding fans. And now it’s been confirmed that Nick Walker, Derek Lunsford, and Big Ramy are all scheduled to guest pose at the show.


Walker's Chances

Image: @nick_walker39 on Instagram

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Championship Legs

GIF: NicandroVisionMotivation on YouTube

In the March 21 edition of The Ripped Report, we asked you which Mr. Olympia winner had the best legs. Here's how you voted:

  1. Jay Cutler (44.5%)

  2. Dorian Yates (20.2%)

  3. Ronnie Coleman (19.3%)

  4. Lee Haney (6.7%)

  5. Big Ramy (6.7%)

  6. Phil Heath (2.5%)