💪 How Much Protein Do You Need?

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Here’s what we have on the set and rep scheme today:

  • Digging into the science of protein for bodybuilders: How much do you really need?

  • Two of the best women’s bodybuilders, head-to-head.

  • What bodybuilders can learn from powerlifters (and vice versa.)

The annual Kentucky Derby is tomorrow, and it’s supposed to be the most exciting two minutes in sports. It’ll take you twice as long to read The Ripped Report, but you’ll gain 1000% more bodybuilding knowledge!


The Building Block

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Protein is the lifeblood of bodybuilding. An entire industry is built around the idea that bodybuilders need a lot of protein all the time; particularly before, during, and after their workouts. And in the morning, as soon as you wake up. Oh, and right before bed, too.

The one-gram-per-pound rule is as close to bodybuilding law as anything can get (other than “rerack your weights,” of course). But is that figure the end-all, be-all of protein consumption for bodybuilding?


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A Dream Matchup?

Image: @lendamurraylegend and @themsolympia on Instagram

Many bodybuilding fans will tell you that eight-time Ms. Olympia Lenda Murray is one of the greatest — if not the greatest — women’s bodybuilders ever to take the stage. But another name that inevitably comes up in the G.O.A.T. conversation is three-time Ms. Olympia Andrea Shaw.

Comparisons to Murray pop up whenever Shaw competes today, and it always spurs the same question: What would happen if the two of them ever met on the stage in their primes?

Unfortunately, we’ll never get those answers since Murray retired nearly 20 years ago. But there are aspects of their careers that we can put head to head, such as the titles they’ve won, their popularity, and the competition they faced in their primes. With that to go on, let’s compare these two titans of the stage below.


Useful Overlap?

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Every gymgoer chooses to walk a certain path when they first set foot in the weight room. Your “why” — that is, what got you into exercise as a health habit in the first place — dictates what you want out of lifting.

Are you an aspiring bodybuilder who wants biceps peaks that rival Arnold Schwarzenegger’s?

Perhaps you’d rather prioritize your performance.

Powerlifting is the pursuit of strength above all else, and few things are as satisfying as setting a new personal record in the gym. To determine your path, you need to understand the nature of both sports. And there’s always the desire to combine the two — just how realistic is that for us normal folks?


Hardest Muscles to Train?

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