💪 Was Mike Mentzer's Bodybuilding Advice Any Good?


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Here’s what we’ve got for you: 

  • The 4000-calorie diet that bodybuilder Tristyn Lee followed to gain 40 pounds 

  • An analysis of whether late bodybuilder Mike Mentzer’s training advice holds any water

  • Five-time Classic Physique champ Chris Bumstead’s training tips for chest growth 


Bulk Up 

Credit: Tristyn Lee / YouTube

If you want to bulk up, you’ve gotta eat more calories; it’s as simple as that. This strategy was behind bodybuilder Tristyn Lee's impressive transformation, increasing his intake to 4000 calories a day and going from 138 pounds to 175 pounds. At 21 years old, Lee made the move away from a carnivore diet and increased his carb intake significantly, consuming nearly 500 grams a day. 

For example, his bulking diet features a post-workout lunch that includes 100 grams of cucumbers, 75-100 grams of baby bella mushrooms, four ounces of skirt steak, and 180 grams of jasmine white rice. By adhering to this plan and following his bulking workout regimen, you can see Lee’s remarkable gains over the year. Check it out below.


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Don’t Call It a Comeback 

Credit: @mentzerhit on Instagram

Mike Mentzer's remarkable legacy in bodybuilding has transcended time, with his influence reaching a new generation of lifters on social media. His allure extends beyond the bodybuilding community, captivating followers who admire his top-tier physique and his unique workout philosophies that often stray from mainstream thought. 

Many fitness enthusiasts today view Mentzer's bodybuilding advice as groundbreaking, spanning workout routines, dietary guidelines, and philosophical approaches. He was a man who believed the fitness industry was telling people to eat far more protein than necessary and that a handful of sets to absolute failure was the key to gains.

Yet, one question inevitably pops up: Was Mentzer truly ahead of his time with his controversial beliefs, or should we be skeptical of his methods? Through a detailed examination, this analysis delves into Mentzer's revolutionary bodybuilding philosophy.


CBum Goes Iso

Credit: Chris Bumstead / YouTube

Overcoming plateaus to stimulate new muscle growth becomes increasingly difficult as you advance in your lifting journey. However, if Chris Bumstead, a five-time Classic Physique Olympia champion, can continue to experience muscle growth after extensive gym time, so can you. He recently opened up about his off-season chest and back workout and offered some invaluable training advice.

One of his off-season muscle-building strategies includes isometric holds, which involves flexing a muscle group without moving the joints around it. This technique increases tension duration, boosts muscle fiber activation, and increases muscle gains while minimizing injury risk. In addition, he shares crucial tips on elbow and grip positioning, along with tempo training variations for optimal pectoral and latissimus dorsi engagement. 

By adopting Bumstead's chest and back hypertrophy training approach and applying his insights, you can achieve continuous muscle growth year after year.


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