💪 Leg Day Tips for Max Growth

Pumpkin coffee is already popping up in stores across the U.S., meaning summer’s days are officially numbered. But don’t worry, The Ripped Report is here to provide you with scorching tips to help you maintain your beach body all year long.

Here’s what we’re diving into today:

  • A look back at the career of legendary bodybuilder Serge Nubret.

  • Mr. Olympia hopeful Nick Walker shares insight on how to build a thick, V-tapered back.

  • Learn the anatomy of your leg muscles and how to train your lower body for muscle growth.


The Black Panther’s Reign

Serge "The Black Panther" Nubret emerged as a sensation in bodybuilding back in the ‘70s, despite never claiming the Mr. Olympia title. Though he had all the tools to win the top prize, his potential within the IFBB Pro League stalled following a dispute that turned sour with league owners Ben and Joe Weider in 1975.

Despite these challenges, Nubret still achieved great success in bodybuilding, developing one of the most memorable physiques of his era through an unconventional training approach known as "pump training." The Black Panther's regimen incorporated intuitive techniques, quick tempos, short rest periods, and high repetitions that allowed him to maximize volume and intensity for muscle growth. On the nutrition side of things, Nubret consumed up to six pounds of red meat daily — including horse meat! — before competitions to fuel his body.

But that’s far from the full story on Nubret. Uncover the fascinating details of his contest history, delve into his training, and find out about the controversies that hovered over his career below.


V-Taper Back Builder

Credit: Nick Walker / YouTube

Nick Walker earned his spot on the Mr. Olympia podium in 2022, thanks in large part to his impressive V-tapered back. How did “The Mutant” achieve all that jaw-dropping mass? The key lies in his dedicated pull routine.

In preparation for the upcoming 2023 Olympia, Walker shared his high-volume pull day on his YouTube channel. The most surprising nugget comes from the fact that rather than focusing mainly on heavy weight, he utilizes a high-rep training method to stimulate muscle growth in his back while following a low-carb, low-fat diet.

Building a back as big as Walker’s isn’t realistic for 99% of us, but if you want to adapt some of his tips for your own routine and expectations, there’s plenty to learn here.


Never Skip Leg Day Again

Credit: ALL best fitness is HERE / Shutterstock

Have you ever noticed those people in the gym who have massive upper bodies, but when it comes to their legs, they seem as sturdy as Jenga blocks? Well, that won’t be you! By the end of today, you'll have a deep understanding of leg anatomy and the knowledge to train your lower body effectively, resulting in exceptional muscle growth.

Leg day is the pinnacle of intensity in your weekly workout routine. It takes mental grit to push through another set of squats. But it also takes a firm understanding of the muscles that make up the lower body and how they work to really get the legs to grow.

Once you know the anatomy, you can scratch the junk volume and focus solely on movements that deliver results. (Don't be startled if "The Quadfather" Tom Platz pays you a surprise visit armed with a notepad and pen for some pointers.)


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