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Here’s what we have for you today: 

  • How powerlifter Larry Wheels is changing his lifting modality to compete as a Classic Physique bodybuilder

  • Five bench press training programs for a stronger chest

  • The proper way to implement the 5x5 workout program to gain incredible strength


Wheels Shifts Gears

Credit: Renaissance Periodization / YouTube

In powerlifting, the primary objective is to maximize strength in the big three lifts — bench press, squats, and deadlifts. Conversely, bodybuilding focuses on achieving maximum size and aesthetic appeal, necessitating a broader range of exercises to correct imbalances and enhance physical appearance. This distinction underlines Larry Wheels' decision to adapt his training methods as he transitions from a distinguished powerlifter to pursuing an IFBB Pro card in the Classic Physique division.

Previously, Wheels focused on lifting heavy loads in the one-to-five-rep range to build strength to excel in powerlifting. However, since transitioning to bodybuilding, Wheels has changed his focus to a higher volume of training. That means he’s increased his rep range with lighter weight, focusing on more time under tension to maximize muscle growth.

Dive into Wheels' latest chest and arms workouts to see how he incorporates these new training strategies.


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Bench Press Propellers

Credit: @brooklynninenine / Giphy

The bench press is a key component of a powerlifter's "total" due to its role as a significant measure of overall upper-body strength. Mastering the technique of programming the bench press is crucial in shaping your progress trajectory, regardless of whether you're aiming for powerlifting, bodybuilding, or general fitness gains.

That’s why we're unraveling five dynamic bench press programs to ignite your journey toward a bigger, more formidable chest. Whether you’re a novice looking to capitalize on newbie gains or an experienced weightlifter wanting to implement advanced training techniques, altering your periodization models will take your bench press to unprecedented heights. Let's delve into the science behind crafting a robust program built around iron-strong pecs. 


5x5 Rules 

Credit: Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

Some individuals aim for size and aesthetics, while others prioritize achieving maximum strength. Although these goals can intersect, if your primary focus is to become exceptionally strong, then incorporating the 5x5 workout program into your routine is key.

This program requires just three days of lifting per week and involves a few multi-joint exercises that only require a barbell and squat rack for each session. With ample rest, this regimen promotes enhanced recovery and strength gains.

The methodology involves targeting compound movements, executing five sets of five repetitions while fine-tuning the intensity to elicit novel training adaptations. This no-frills training method yields serious results by prioritizing gradual weight increments, as minimal as 2.5 pounds per week. Whether you're an athlete, a beginner or intermediate lifter, or someone aiming to enhance functional fitness for daily activities, this guide will pave the way to developing formidable strength.


Warrior Code

Credit: @WWE / Giphy

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