💪 Jeff Nippard's Tips for Maximizing Gains


Here’s what we’ve got today: 

  • Fitness influencer Jeff Nippard critiques bodybuilders’ range of motion and eccentric loading for maximum gains 

  • An analysis of whether lifting to failure actually promotes muscle growth 

  • Chris Bumstead’s new high-volume back and arm workout to prep for the 2024 Olympia


Weightlifting 101 

Credit: Jeff Nippard / YouTube

A multitude of training methods exists to enhance workout efficacy. Yet, Jeff Nippard, a bodybuilder and fitness content creator, believes focusing on just two can yield the best outcomes. Nippard recently intercepted pro bodybuilders mid-workout to dispense scientifically supported lifting advice that champions two pivotal training principles: range of motion and mastery of eccentric movements, also known as the negatives.

His approach breathes new life into workout optimization techniques for professional bodybuilders and casual lifters. For example, in his analysis of IFBB pros, Nippard advocates for using leg drive in bench presses and emphasizes scapular retraction during the concentric phase of a seated row to maximize upper back engagement. 

Nippard’s insightful breakdowns of IFBB pros' lifting techniques are not just instructional but transformative, offering viewers a chance to elevate their fitness regimen.


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Should You Train to Failure? 

Credit: Petrenko Andriy / Shutterstock

It’s never easy to figure out the right number of reps per set to maximize strength and muscle gains. A common approach is to lift until reaching failure, when performing another rep becomes impossible. But what does science say about this method? Research suggests that leaving one to two reps "in the tank" might actually be more beneficial for your gains. 

In a recent YouTube video, Dr. Layne Norton explores training to failure and the advantages of stopping short of failure, utilizing repetitions in reserve (RIR) to enhance muscle growth. A study involving 20 experienced lifters compared the effects of training legs to failure versus employing RIR over eight weeks.

The findings reveal that training to failure is unnecessary for muscle development and could also be counterproductive. Find out why below. 


Feel the Pump

Credit: Chris Bumstead / YouTube

Even after an impressive streak of five consecutive Classic Physique Olympia victories, Chris Bumstead shows no signs of slowing down. On the contrary, he's intensifying his training and embracing an approach that incorporates high-volume back and arm workouts to promote serious muscle pumps and enhance strength.

As part of this new strategy, Bumstead employs giant sets — performing three or more exercises in succession without resting — in various pull-up variations to elevate the intensity. He says that the addition of supersets has significantly improved his pump and mind-muscle connection more than any previous workout. 

Explore the seven back and biceps exercises that form the cornerstone of the five-time Classic Physique Olympia champion's routine, and consider integrating them and his techniques into your training for optimal results.


If You Smell What the Rock Is Cooking 

Credit: Renaissance Periodization / YouTube

  • Does science support Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s training regimen? Exercise scientist Dr. Mike Israetel details how he can improve his leg day. 

  • Men’s Open bodybuilder William Bonac gives the 2024 Arnold Classic Physique champ Wesley Vissers leg training tips to prep for the 2024 Olympia. See how Bonac recommends Vissers grow his hamstrings. 

  • Developed shoulders will widen your frame and improve your V-taper. Here’s how to perfect the push press for enhanced strength and performance.