💪 How Dorian Yates Psyched Out Opponents

Plus: Bulking on a budget

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Dorian Yates is an all-time bodybuilding great, and he’s sharing a LOT of wisdom from his competition days. Like how he used to psych out opponents with inspiration from a famous British sci-fi show.

Have you ever wondered how bodybuilders fuel up on show day? Too much of certain foods, and they’ll appear bloated. But too little, and they risk coming in flat. Three-time Bikini Olympia Champ Ashley Kaltwasser shares her show-day diet.

Speaking of diets, Chris Bumstead — arguably the most popular bodybuilder on the planet right now — is doing things a bit differently this off-season. Could it help him secure a FIFTH straight Classic Physique title?


How Yates Scared Competition Away

Image: @thedorianyates on Instagram

In the months, weeks, and days before a bodybuilding show, it’s common to see athletes flaunt their physiques on social media and in public for everyone — especially their competition — to see.

This is especially true backstage before a contest, as the competitors often reveal their well-earned bodies in front of their rivals in the hours before showtime.

Well, six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates had a completely different strategy in mind back in the ’90s. “The Shadow” deliberately hid his physique for months at a time, choosing to work out with just a handful of trusted friends. Even on the day of a show, Yates would dress in a loose tracksuit backstage to make himself look smaller so opponents would be surprised when he’d finally reveal his body on stage.

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A Champ’s Show Day Diet

Image: @askhleykfit on Instagram

As one of the most consistent pro bodybuilders in the game, Ashley Kaltwasser must have advice on how she stays peaked for so much of the competitive bodybuilding season every year. After all, it is in her range to compete upwards of a dozen times in a single season and podium every time, like she did in 2022.

The three-time Bikini Olympia champion took to her YouTube channel on March 31 to share how she eats on competition day. Unlike what many might think is typical for pros at the highest level, Kaltwasser doesn’t cut any water until show day, when she sips up to a few liters. Yet, she still maintains paper-thin skin and tight conditioning during callouts for the judges. Check it out below:


Bumstead Cuts the Cals

Image: Chris Bumstead on YouTube

After a commanding victory at the 2022 Olympia, four-time reigning Classic Physique Champ Chris Bumstead is at the tippy top of his division’s ladder. So what could he possibly change to bring a better package later this year?

In a full day of eating video uploaded to his YouTube channel, the champ shares how he’s changing his diet for the off-season in order to be better than ever for the 2023 Olympia.

He’s currently eating a relatively low amount of calories — around 3,500 a day — compared to the later stages of the season. He says he weighs around 253 pounds consistently at the moment, so he plans to increase his daily calories by about 400 per day in a few weeks if his weight doesn’t change.

That being said, he intends to keep his calorie intake lower overall this off-season compared to previous years — he upped his calories to 5,000 in 2022 — to stay lean and avoid gaining fat.


Bulking on a Budget

Image: Derek Lunsford on YouTube