💪 Dorian Yates’ 10 Best Bodybuilding Tips

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Here’s what we’re getting into today:

  • Ten invaluable bodybuilding tips from the legendary Dorian Yates.

  • Twenty-minute workouts to unleash muscle growth in less time.

  • Chris Bumstead shares a full diet breakdown six weeks from the 2023 Classic Physique Olympia.


“The Shadow’s” Secrets

Credit: @thedorianyates / Instagram

Dorian Yates is one of the GOATs of bodybuilding. From 1992-1997, "The Shadow” amassed six consecutive Mr. Olympia titles by beating out the likes of Shawn Ray, Lee Labrada, and Kevin Levrone. And despite stepping away from the stage more than 25 years ago, Yates has never abandoned his passion for the sport.

Through social media posts and numerous books and magazine articles, he continues to share invaluable insights into how he built his world-class physique. From crafting the perfect workout playlist to his revered "Blood and Guts" training methodology, Yates has given out countless tips to his audience, many of which can be applied to gymgoers of all experience levels. (Seriously, he even encourages his readers to take daily naps.)

Want to learn from one of the greats of the stage? Our team has detailed 10 of the best tips he’s given out over the years.


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Speed-of-Light Gains

Credit: Let's Fighting Lore / YouTube

Don't have an hour to spare in the gym? Don’t fret! You can still achieve excellent results with just 20 minutes of exercise. While you might feel like longer workouts are invariably better, a short, intense workout with the proper structure can surpass a lengthy, lackluster training session any day.

Whether heading to a busy gym or squeezing in a quick home workout before your commute, we've got you covered with some 20-minute routines for upper- and lower-body gains.


CBum’s Buffet

Credit: Chris Bumstead / YouTube

As the 2023 Olympia approaches, athletes tighten their diets more and more. While the off-season encourages calorie and carb loading, bodybuilders strategically reduce their food intake as the show draws closer in order to kickstart the fat-burning process.

Chris Bumstead, the four-time Classic Physique Olympia champion, recently shared his strategy for the cutting process on his YouTube channel. CBum divides his 2,750 calories into six meals to boost his metabolism and ensure adequate protein intake. This reduction differs significantly from his 4,000-calorie buffet days during the summer.

Although the diet certainly lacks variety, it’s a necessary evil as he prepares for the home stretch of his prep.


Level-Up Those Arms

Credit: HOSSTILE / YouTube

  • Watch as fitness influencer Sam Sulek and Men's Open bodybuilder Samson Dauda embark upon an intense calve and chest workout.

  • Hammer curls activate the forearms and reduce wrist stress compared to standard dumbbell curls. Master this variation to enhance your arm strength.

  • Bodybuilder Andrea Shaw recently emerged victorious for the fourth time at the 2023 Rising Phoenix contest. See the final placings of all divisions in this annual women’s bodybuilding show.