💪 best rear delt exercises for shoulder strength

Listen up, mass builders: Don’t let summer vacation keep you from hitting daily protein requirements. You can definitely eat grilled chicken on the beach! Today’s Ripped Report is sponsored by Trifecta, so you really have no excuse.

While you’re figuring out your ideal chicken breast seasoning, why not take a gander at the latest and greatest in bodybuilding?

  • We’ve got THE BEST rear delt exercises to make your shoulders pop (and make them strong!)

  • Olympia competitor James Hollingshead takes us on a ride in his grocery cart

  • Are these deadlift mistakes killing your gains?


Delt Squad

Credit: Skydive Erick / Shutterstock

If you’re in the market for bigger and stronger shoulders, you’ve got to do more than pressing. Building your rear delts — aka your posterior deltoids — gives your shoulders a well-rounded, 360-degree pop, helps you lift heavier in compound pulling movements like pull-ups and rows, and promotes healthier shoulder musculature. And if you spend a lot of time hunched over your computer or phone, well-developed rear delts can work wonders for your posture.

The best rear delt exercises target the backs of your shoulders in isolation. You’ll continue rounding them out in conjunction with other muscles in compound exercises. From bodyweight movements to cables, dumbbells, and barbells — choose your fighter from our link below, and start pulling.


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Hollingshead’s Supermarket Sweep

He came here to eat and chew bubblegum. And he’s allllll out of bubblegum.

Men’s Open bodybuilder James Hollingshead was in a perfect storm when he realized his pantry and fridge were nearly bare. Seizing the opportunity, Hollingshead took his fans on a journey to the grocery store, offering a glimpse into the dietary habits that contribute to building the physique of an Olympia competitor.


Don’t Let Pull Mistakes Kill Your Gains!

Credit: Jacob Lund / Shutterstock