💪 Barbell Bench Press vs. Dumbbell Bench Press

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Here’s what’s on the docket today:

  • The best leg workouts for your bodybuilding goals.

  • Dumbbell vs. barbell bench press: Which is best for growth?

  • David Henry is back with a vengeance in prep for the Masters Olympia.

We hope you get outside this weekend. We’ll probably be stuck in our basement gym, alternating between writing newsletters and doing hip thrusts to finally get our glutes up to par. It’s a tough life.


Remember Leg Day

Credit: Bojan656 / Shutterstock

Plenty of guys and gals have capped delts or chiseled chests, but only the brave venture into the pain cave and come out the other side with quads that turn heads and drop jaws. If you want to make strides toward developing the best version of your physique, you need the right leg routine to get you there. Look no further.

We've rounded up the best — the best, Jerry! — leg workouts you can do as a bodybuilder. Even better, we categorized them by experience levels and goals. So if you want to focus more on your hamstrings or quads, we have the right routine.


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Choose Your Weapon

Credit: antoniodiaz / Shutterstock

Ahh, the mythical bench press. It holds a special place in many lifters’ hearts. The draw of a muscular chest, rounded shoulders, and bulging triceps is what makes many fall in love with benching, either with a barbell or a pair of dumbbells.

Whether you’re an athlete or just want to look good, bench pressing is the go-to pressing exercise to slap on upper body size and strength.

But is the dumbbell or barbell superior for building bench mass? Here, we’ll dive deep into both exercises so you can choose when to perform each according to your goals. Let’s get ready to bench press, one way or the other.


Henry Is Back, Baby

Image: @davidhenry_ifbbpro

It’s history — all over again.

The 2023 Masters Olympia is scheduled to be held on the weekend of Aug. 26-27 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. There will be plenty of history made at this competition. It’s the first time that the Men’s Open Masters Olympia will be held since Dexter Jackson won the title in 2012. For the other nine divisions, it will be their first Masters Olympia competition, including the 212 division.

One of the men in that 212 lineup is David Henry, who knows a lot about making Olympia history. He’s the first Olympia champion in the history of the 212, which dates back to even before the weight cap was 212 pounds. Check out how he’s prepping for the show below:


Three Moves to Victory Abs

Image courtesy of @vytamin_c on Instagram


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