💪 Did Arnold Have the Best Bodybuilding Career?

Remember: A rest day isn’t you taking a break from the weights. It’s the weights taking a break from you.

While we’re contemplating that, here are the knowledge sets and reps for today:

  • We take a detailed look at Arnold’s career to put his bodybuilding accomplishments in perspective

  • Have we been training pecs wrong this whole time?

  • Andrew Jacked is having a 300-plus-pound off-season.


Arnold’s Life and Times

He was bodybuilding’s first mononym. And we’re still feeling his impact today.

People around the world have their own thoughts when they hear the name Arnold Schwarzenegger. Most may know him as the star of blockbusters like Conan the Barbarian and The Terminator series. Some may think of him solely as the Governor of California and an activist for various causes. People who follow strength sports probably remember him best as a bodybuilding icon and fitness advocate for over five decades.

The truth is, Schwarzenegger is all those things — and you can explore his life in greater detail below.


Pec Deck Pitfalls?

Image: Hunter Labrada on YouTube

Men’s Open bodybuilder Hunter Labrada has built a reputation as one of the premier competitors in the world right now. But best of all, he’s also a fountain of information who regularly shares workout advice on social media for fans to try on their own. Now, he’s giving his audience tips on building fuller pecs.

And it turns out we may have been thinking about pec training — and force application — all wrong. Labrada is next-level when it comes to explaining how to get more out of this machine.

On May 11, Labrada published a video to his YouTube channel wherein he demonstrates how to do pec deck flyes with proper form. Check it out below.


Andrew’s Staying Jacked

Image: @andrewjacked on Instagram

Chinedu Obiekea, a.k.a. “Andrew Jacked,” is poised for a big 2023 as he eyes a top spot at this year’s Mr. Olympia. And on May 15, Jacked shared a physique update to his Instagram profile that was apparently “10 days” into his off-season.

If you need any more proof that Jacked is more than just a one-hit wonder, this is it. According to the caption of his post, Jacked weighs a whopping 136.8 kilograms (301.6 pounds) and looks ready to compete with the top names in the division.


Results Season!

Image: @zsofiamolnar_ on Instagram