💪 9 Best Supps for Muscle Growth, Tested by Experts


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Here’s how we’re starting the week: 

  • Nine muscle-building supplements experts recommend adding to your arsenal

  • How to grow your biceps using the cable machine

  • Does Sam Sulek lift too heavy?


Supps for Growth

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Building bigger muscles takes more than a well-curated diet and workout plan; sometimes, you need an extra push to ensure all of your bulking needs are being met. This is where supplements play a pivotal role. However, the conversation extends beyond the familiar terrain of creatine and protein powders. We here at BarBend have delved into nine distinct supplements, each offering unique advantages worthy of a spot in your nutritional arsenal.

From the premier pre-workout supplements engineered for muscle growth to the finest carbohydrate supplements and testosterone enhancers, our in-house experts meticulously evaluated the pros and cons of various muscle-boosting supplements. Their assessments cover multiple criteria, including ingredient quality and dosage, cost-effectiveness, flavor diversity, brand reliability, and even minor concerns like residue and taste.

Discover the supplement that aligns with your fitness aspirations and embark on a journey to amplify your muscle-building efforts today.


NativePath Collagen

So… what exactly does collagen do, again? This nutrient is trending for a reason – it’s essential for healthy skin, joints, and bones.

The big bummer: many collagen supplements are made with artificial ingredients and (gross) animal byproducts.

NativePath has a different approach. NativePath collagen is certified grass-fed and pure, and sourced from 100% happy, healthy cows… so you can put nutrients into a happy, healthy human.

It provides Types 1 and 3 collagen – more than 90% of your body’s needs. Plus, it’s tasty and provides 20 grams of protein, so you’ll get lots of energy to boot.

Find out more about the many benefits of NativePath’s collagen powder and save up to 55% off your first order!


Bigger Biceps 

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If you’re looking to build bigger arms, you’ve no doubt already recruited the classics like the barbell and dumbbell biceps curls into your gym routine. However, if you’re not taking advantage of your gym’s cable machine, you’re leaving some serious gains on the table. You can put an end to that right now with our guide below, which delves into the top cable workouts and how to execute them for optimal arm growth.

The cable machine offers a distinct advantage over free-weight exercises by maintaining constant tension on the biceps throughout the entire movement. This ensures that every range of motion is equally challenging, unlike the variable resistance encountered with dumbbell or barbell curls. 

Whether your goal is to achieve more prominent biceps, you're searching for a quick and effective biceps workout, you're just starting, or you need a finishing set to conclude an intense back workout, we've got the perfect routine.


Dauda Checks Sulek 

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Since bursting onto the scene in 2023, fitness influencer Sam Sulek has been a figure of both comfort and controversy. To many, he stands as an inspirational figure; to others, he’s a subject of debate. The conversation intensified when IFBB Pro League bodybuilder Samson Dauda weighed in on Sulek's unconventional training techniques.

During a chest training session, Dauda questioned, "Why are you lifting so heavy?" He suggested that Sulek's preference for heavy weights might hinder his ability to engage muscles effectively, a concept known as the mind-muscle connection. Dauda argued this could not only cap Sulek's potential muscle growth but also increase his risk of injury. Does Dauda's critique hold water?

Below, we delve into whether Dauda's perspective on Sulek's training approach is valid or if Sulek should indeed take advice from the 2023 Arnold Classic champion.


In Thrust, We Trust

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