💪 8 Lower Ab Exercises to Build a Six-Pack

We’ve got a lean and mean Ripped Report today. So buckle in for a three-minute read that’ll pave the way to those sweet, sweet gains.

Here’s what you’ll walk away with today: 

  • Eight exercises that target the oft-overlooked lower abs. 

  • Twelve alternatives to lat pulldowns to build a well-developed back. 

  • The diet 2023 Classic Physique Olympia athlete Urs Kalecinski implemented during peak week. 


Sculpt a Six-Pack

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Focusing on your core can build those coveted six-pack abs and enhance your athletic performance and strength. While you may already be incorporating crunch variations and oblique-targeting exercises into your routine, it's crucial to add dynamic lower abdominal movements to fully engage your entire midsection.

To help you build a six-pack, we’ve curated a list of the eight best lower ab exercises that you can implement today. We guide you through each move with detailed step-by-step instructions to ensure proper form and technique. Additionally, we break down the benefits of each exercise and provide valuable training tips to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. 


Alternative Pulldowns

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The lat pulldown is an essential component of any back workout plan. However, relying solely on this one move won't result in complete development. To achieve a well-rounded back, you’ve gotta venture off the beaten path and explore brand-new pulldown variations and horizontal rows that target a range of other posterior muscles.

Below, you’ll find a list of 12 lat pulldown alternatives for your next back day to add some much-needed variety to your training. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of each exercise, explaining their purpose and benefits.

By incorporating these pulling exercises, you can effectively build muscle and strength in your upper and mid-back, ultimately working towards a thick back that rivals an Olympia champion.


A Classic Meal Plan

Credit: Urs Kalecinski / YouTube

German bodybuilder Urs Kalecinski achieved his second consecutive bronze medal in the Classic Physique division at the 2023 Olympia. To accomplish this, he shed approximately 26 pounds since summer to meet the weight cut-off, requiring a strict diet that had to be closely monitored every step of the way. 

During peak week, Kalecinski documented his pre-Olympia meals on his YouTube channel, providing insight into the quantities and types of food he consumed. “The Miracle Bear” targeted 3,594 calories on this day, including 339 grams of protein, 420 grams of carbs, and 51 grams of fats. His diet centered around high-protein foods such as chicken, complex carbs (like rice), plenty of fruits and vegetables, and protein supplements.

Take a glimpse into what it takes to fuel the body of a top-three Olympia athlete below. 


Wheels in Motion

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