💪 8 Best Upper Chest Exercises for 3D Pecs


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Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

  • How to build your upper chest for superior strength

  • Twelve criminally underrated bodybuilders you should know about

  • Is cardio an effective fat-burning option? 


Upper Deck Pecs

Credit: ARENA Creative / Shutterstock

Many gymgoers faithfully focus on their mid-chest muscles, often relying on the classic bench press for development. While this approach is practical, incorporating exercises that target the upper pecs is crucial for achieving the type of three-dimensional chest Arnold would be jealous of. 

When sculpting a chest that looks like a work of art, you can't just randomly toss in exercises and hope for the best. You need the eight movements we’ve rounded up below to take your gains to the next level!

In this article, we provide detailed instructions on execution, sets, and repetitions while offering tips to maximize the effectiveness of each movement. To top it off, we’ve included a few upper chest workouts for you to experiment with on your next chest day.


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Ode to the Underdogs 

Credit: @bodybuildinglegendsshow / Instagram

Many bodybuilding fans are familiar with renowned athletes like Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman, whose names are synonymous with the sport. However, plenty of unsung heroes sported remarkable physiques that would leave you astonished. They just didn’t break through to become household names.

These overlooked competitors managed to influence the sport despite not often capturing the judges' attention. Consider, for example, Thierry Pastel, a bodybuilder from the ‘80s and ‘90s. Standing at only 5’2”, Pastel faced considerable challenges in bodybuilding due to his height. Yet, he overcame these obstacles to secure 8th place at the ‘91 Mr. Olympia, boasting some of the finest arms in the sport.

Discover the stories of 12 bodybuilders whose remarkable physiques have flown under the radar over the past 50 years.


The Cardio Debate

Credit: Giphy

Cardiovascular exercises are superb for calorie burning, heart health, and endurance. They range from low to high intensity and include walking, sprinting, and swimming. However, the pivotal question remains: Does cardio effectively burn fat, or could it actually hinder your fitness goals?

Notions about cardio, such as keeping your heart rate in the "fat-burning zone," lead to fat loss myths prevalent in the fitness world. While cardio may not directly eliminate body fat, it plays a crucial role in weight management and offers numerous health benefits. Understanding the actual effects of cardio on fat loss enables you to devise more efficient strategies for reducing body fat and enhancing the effectiveness of your workouts.


A Classic Weekend

Credit: @Arnoldsports / Instagram

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  • Dips require excellent relative strength and stability but skyrocket chest and triceps growth. Learn how to get the form down and make strength progressions. 

  • The food you consume right after a workout is critical to maximize muscle growth. Here’s what to eat post-workout to replenish glycogen stores and start the muscle-building process immediately.