💪 7 Nutrition Tips for Muscle Gain


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Here’s what we’ve got for you: 

  • The best time to eat to enhance muscle growth

  • Why strict drug testing protocols were imposed at the 1990 Mr. Olympia and what transpired

  • 10 mass gainers tested and approved by experts for building muscle mass with ease 


Time Fries

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Nutrition is a crucial component of crafting a well-defined physique. What you eat impacts your muscle growth and body fat levels, but the timing of your meals is also critical. This introduces the concept of nutrient timing. 

Nutrient timing involves coordinating your meals, snacks, and supplements with your workout schedule. For example, consuming a meal about two hours before exercising and distributing high-protein meals every few hours ensures that your body gets the vital nutrients it needs for optimal performance. Whether your goal is muscle gain, fat loss, or improved athletic performance, implementing nutrient timing can significantly boost your outcomes.

For a comprehensive guide on effectively applying nutrient timing to enhance muscle growth, including pre-sleep nutrition recommendations, Dr. Mike Israetel offers an insightful breakdown on maximizing your results through strategic eating.


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The Most Controversial Olympia?

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The Mr. Olympia competition represents the pinnacle of bodybuilding, where athletes push the boundaries of physical potential by maximizing muscle gain while maintaining minimal body fat. It’s been this way since the first Olympia contest back in 1965. However, as the 1980s drew to a close, the sport of bodybuilding found itself embroiled in the mounting concerns surrounding steroid usage in mainstream sports. 

With the spotlight on performance-enhancing substances fueled by media scrutiny and political pressure, the promoters behind Olympia introduced stringent drug testing protocols at the 1990 Mr. Olympia spectacle to cast a more favorable light on the sport. What happened next was one of bodybuilding's most monumental catastrophes. 


Mass Appeal

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Increasing calorie intake is essential for those aiming to maximize muscle size, yet implementing this strategy can be challenging. Eventually, consuming endless servings of chicken, broccoli, and rice becomes daunting. Mass gainers are a practical solution for those seeking to bulk up, enabling increased calorie consumption without needing to overeat constantly.

The market is flooded with options regarding supplements for muscle growth. This is why our expert team, comprising seasoned personal trainers and athletes, conducted comprehensive tests on various products. We meticulously evaluated them based on several criteria, including cost, nutritional profile, ingredient quality, and flavor, to identify the top ten most effective supplements based on your needs. 


Brandao on Top

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