💪 This 6-Exercise Chest Workout Is a Killer

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Here’s what we’re getting into today:

  • Fan-favorite bodybuilders Branch Warren and Johnnie Jackson take you through a comprehensive chest workout

  • Why Men’s Open bodybuilder Andrew Jacked pulled out of both Arnold Classic competitions this year

  • Jeff Nippard explains the science behind getting abs by summer


Find the Treasured Chest

Credit: @thebranchwarren / Instagram

Branch Warren and Johnnie Jackson were prominent bodybuilders throughout the 2000s and mid-2010s. With 20 Mr. Olympia competitions under their combined belts, they possess invaluable knowledge on sculpting the body for stage triumphs. Recently, Warren and Jackson convened at the renowned Metroflex Gym in Arlington, TX, for an intense push workout, focusing on building their chest muscles

Their workout included sets of 315 pounds on the incline bench press and 140-pound dumbbells for flat bench presses. The duo also incorporated drop sets and chain dips for some added oomph. Observe the fervor that these two approach their training with, and see if you can follow along next time you’re pushing plates at the gym.


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No Arnold for Andrew

Credit: @andrewjacked / Instagram

Chinedu Andrew Obiekea — a.k.a. Andrew Jacked — has been steadily rising through the bodybuilding ranks over the last two years, earning recognition as a formidable contender for the Olympia crown. However, he’s experienced a slight setback with his decision to drop out of the 2024 Arnold Classic and the 2024 Arnold Classic UK.

Jacked said “different factors” caused him to withdraw from the shows, but he didn’t elaborate much more than that. His commitment to giving his all in every event is unwavering, and he feels unable to deliver that level of performance for the Arnold Classics. Keep reading for his complete statement and to find out what lies ahead for this promising bodybuilding talent.


Sculpt Abs Wisely

GIF: @thebluesquare / Giphy

Renowned fitness influencer Jeff Nippard has established himself as a master of physique transformation, relying on scientific research to achieve outstanding results. His latest video unveils a comprehensive three-pronged strategy to craft a set of coveted abs just in time for summer.

The initial phase involves incorporating two crucial exercises into your training routine to develop well-defined abs. The subsequent step involves fine-tuning your nutritional intake to facilitate fat loss, including maintaining a caloric deficit and ensuring adequate protein consumption. Lastly, Nippard provides an in-depth analysis of his recommended supplements for expediting the fat-burning process. 

For a comprehensive breakdown of these steps and insight into the intricate details of Nippard's science-based abdominal program, be sure to read the article below.


Body Art

Credit: Generation Iron / YouTube

  • Bodybuilder Tony Pearson explains why bodybuilding is among the highest art forms while on The Mike O’Hearn Show. Listen to his tips on building an elite physique. 

  • Unilateral training can help you find and fix muscle imbalances. Classic Physique bodybuilder Breon Ansley shows you how to use unilateral training for insane muscle gains and impeccable muscular balance.

  • For bodybuilders, food is for fuel, not enjoyment. Watch as Men’s Open bodybuilder Samson Dauda takes you through a full day of eating in preparation for defending his 2024 Arnold Classic title.