💪 6 Underrated Deadlift Benefits

The United Nations projects the world's population will finally hit 8 billion today. If that doesn't convince your gym to invest in a few more squat racks, nothing will.  

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No exercise spurs more passionate debate than the deadlift. And whether you love the move or hate it, you can stand to learn more about its many benefits

The 2022 Romania Muscle Fest Pro bodybuilding show is in the books, and it featured a big upset in the Men's Open division heading into this year's Mr. Olympia. 

Speaking of the Olympia, Classic Physique competitor Breon Ansley detailed the supersets and trisets he uses while training in a caloric deficit.


More Reasons to Love the Deadlift

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You might know the deadlift as a member of the "big three" powerlifting movements, along with the squat and bench press. This hip-dominant pull from the floor is arguably the purest expression of lower-body strength — but there's a lot to like about deadlifts beyond their ability to boost your power.  

If you're on the fence about whether to start deadlifting, or just want your love of the move validated, we've rounded up some unsung benefits of this gym staple that you should know about. Plus, we've got some form tips and programming ideas to make sure you get the most out of your deadlifts. 


An Olympia Shocker

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The 2022 Mr. Olympia is shaping up to be one of the most crowded in recent memory. In addition to Big Ramy's quest for a three-peat, you've got top-tier competitors like Brandon Curry, Hadi Choopan, Nick Walker, and Hunter Labrada, all looking to crack the top three and make serious noise at the biggest show of the year.

If that's not enough, competitors are still qualifying for the show. And at this past weekend's Romania Muscle Fest Pro, a huge upset shook up the roster even more. At the show, Iran's Behrooz Tabani Abar Ghani shocked the fans in attendance by pulling off the upset victory over pre-contest favorite Brett Wilkin. This win earned Ghani an instant qualification for the Olympia and pushed Wilkin's Sandow hopes to next year.


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Breon Ansley's Home-Stretch Prep

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One competitor who's locked in for the 2022 Olympia is Breon Ansley, who is competing in the Classic Physique division one last time before moving to 212. In a recent video posted to his YouTube channel, Ansley gave an update on his prep and detailed how he utilizes supersets and trisets while in a caloric deficit.

The workout in the video took place early in Ansley's caloric cut to lean out for the Olympia. He says training on fewer calories (read: less energy) involves "embracing the pain" and gutting through some tough days. It's a rare look into the decidedly unglamorous side of Olympia prep when athletes get close to the finish line and the cutting phase is in full effect. 


God of Cosplay

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The Other Olympia Divisions

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Men's Open gets most of the press, but what other division are you looking forward to at the 2022 Olympia? Pick one below to vote:

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Ronnie Coleman's Feats of Strength 

GIF: Ronnie Coleman on YouTube

In the November 8, 2022, edition of The Ripped Report, we asked which of Ronnie Coleman's famed feats of strength is your favorite. Here's how you voted: 

  1. The 800-Pound Squat (37%)

  2. 200-Pound Dumbbell Bench Press (31%)

  3. 800-Pound Deadlift (18%)

  4. 2,300-Pound Leg Press (14%)