💪 6 Tips for Powerful Quads (No Back Squats Needed!)


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Here’s what we’ve got for you: 

  • Learn Cydney Gillon’s championship leg workout

  • Four chest workouts for hypertrophy and strength 

  • Why two-time Classic Physique Olympia champ Breon Ansley is moving to the 212 division


Oh My Quad

Credit: Cydney Gillon / YouTube

Pants-splitting legs are the cornerstone of a robust physique and a powerful lower body, allowing you to handle bigger weights and build more muscle overall. But one of the most popular leg exercises, the barbell back squat, is also one of the most punishing, especially if you have lower back or knee issues. So, how can you build your legs without one of the most effective exercises around? Well, seven-time Figure Olympia winner Cydney Gillon is here with some advice. 

Gillon recently took to YouTube to detail how she trains her championship-caliber lower body without utilizing squats. Her meticulously designed leg day features six exercises focusing primarily on the quads and hamstrings and relying on form rather than weight totals for results. For example, during the leg press, she positions her feet lower on the platform and pushes with her heels during the concentric phase to target the quadriceps. 

Conversely, by placing her feet at the top of the platform, she emphasizes her hamstrings, driving through her toes during the concentric phase. For Gillon, little hacks like this make all the difference. 

Dive deeper into her technique for the remaining five exercises — including the more back-friendly V-squat machine — as she prepares to defend her title at the 2024 Olympia.


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Grow Bigger Pecs

Credit: Giphy

Many gauge their physical prowess by the numbers they put up on the bench press. That's precisely why we've developed the ultimate chest workout guide, covering everything from top-tier bodyweight chest routines to the most effective hypertrophy plans.

Our detailed plan lists which exercises to perform and delves into the rationale behind each. It provides clear instructions on execution, sets and reps, rest intervals, and warm-up techniques to ensure you're fully prepared to tackle your chest workout. Moreover, we've included a breakdown of the pectoralis major muscle anatomy, enhancing your understanding of how to train for optimal chest development.


Ansley Moves Up

Credit: Breon Ansley / YouTube

Two-time Classic Physique Olympia champion Breon Ansley recently showcased his skills at the 2024 Arnold Classic in Ohio, securing fourth place. Shortly after, he graced the 2024 Arnold Classic UK stage, impressing the judges enough to earn the runner-up position. However, upon reflecting on the judges' feedback, Ansley has announced that 2024 will mark his final year competing in the Classic Physique division.

Ansley has pointed out that the judges prefer taller competitors within the Classic Physique category, and that’s not exactly something you can improve in the gym. For those interested in Ansley's future endeavors, he discusses his strategy for leveraging the judges' feedback and his decision to transition to the 212 division in 2025 in his latest YouTube video.


Become a Fitness Expert

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