💪 6 Pull-Day Exercises for Beefy Lats

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Here’s what we have for you: 

  • Hunter Labrada’s off-season pull-day for supreme lat development

  • Is the “calories in, calories out” nutrition model effective for weight loss? 

  • 2024 Arnold Classic runner-up Samson Dauda parts ways with his coach after 13 pro shows together


Labrada Returns

Credit: Hunter Labrada

"Bodybuilding shows are won from the back" — a maxim that remains relevant today. Understanding this, Men’s Open division bodybuilder Hunter Labrada is sharpening his focus on enhancing his back muscles to ascend the Olympia rankings. He’s convinced that augmenting his lat muscle mass and conditioning are pivotal to achieving his ultimate ambition — earning the Mr. O title. So, Labrada has returned to YouTube to share insights into his specialized pulling routine. 

The Mr. Olympia hopeful focused on a machine-heavy workout regimen, incorporating six exercises that utilized wrist wraps for enhanced support under heavier loads. The routine also emphasized unilateral movements to address imbalances and ensure both lats are equally developed in preparation for competition. Explore Labrada's off-season back training below to see his strategic approach to making a run at the 2024 Olympia.

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Count Your Calories 

Credit: Giphy

Is achieving weight loss simply about ramping up physical activity and reducing food intake to create the required caloric deficit? According to intermittent fasting advocate Dr. Jason Fung, calories in calories out (CICO) alone may not consistently deliver weight loss results as expected. However, Dr. Layne Norton, who holds a Ph.D. in Nutritional Science, challenges Dr. Fung's stance on the "calories in, calories out" method for weight loss. 

Fung posits that genetics contribute to obesity and suggests that exercise might have a limited effect on weight loss, pointing to insulin spikes as influential factors. Contrarily, Norton disputes Fung's perspective, arguing that scientific evidence doesn’t support his views. Using data from human trials, Norton refutes Fung's claims about CICO's effectiveness and addresses misconceptions about exercise, obesity, and insulin resistance.


Dauda’s Last Dance 

Credit: @arnoldsports and @amson__dauda / Instagram

Bodybuilder Samson Dauda, who clinched the runner-up position at the 2024 Arnold Classic, is gearing up to make a comeback at the 2024 Arnold Classic UK. Scheduled from March 15-17 in Birmingham, England, Dauda is ready to challenge the new Arnold Classic champ Hadi Choopan in a titanic battle. However, as he prepares, he’ll be parting ways with his coach, Milos Sarcev. 

Dauda had been training with bodybuilding legend Milos Sarcev for 13 shows, including the 2024 Arnold Classic. However, Sarcev announced that it was their "last dance." See how Dauada now plans for his epic rematch with Choopan at the 2024 Arnold Classic UK. 


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