💪 5 Ways to Build Monster Quads


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Here’s what we’ve got for you today: 

  • Wellness bodybuilder Chloe Pickford shares vital tips on growing your quads

  • Olympia champs Chris Bumstead and Hadi Choopan hit a back workout together

  • Four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler is to receive the 2024 Arnold Classic Lifetime Achievement Award


Build Whammy Quads 

Credit: Chloe Pickford IFBB PRO / YouTube

For success in the Wellness bodybuilding division, developing a robust lower body, particularly an outer quad sweep — a bow shape extending from your hips to your knees — is essential to win the judges over. Chloe Pickford, a newly minted IFBB Pro League Wellness bodybuilder, recently shared her quad workout and training tips on her YouTube channel as she looks to make her professional debut in 2024. 

Pickford provides valuable advice for building mass, such as slowing down during the eccentric phase on leg extensions and pausing at the flexion point during machine squats for optimal quad contraction. Watch how Pickford crafts her powerhouse quads in preparation for her debut appearance in the IFBB Pro League Wellness division.


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Olympia Champs Unite 

Credit: Hanry Rambod / YouTube

After taking second at the 2023 Mr. Olympia, Hadi Choopan is on a mission to prove himself yet again at this weekend’s Arnold Classic. On the flip side, five-time Classic Physique Olympia winner Chris Bumstead wants to keep his winning streak alive by collecting his sixth consecutive title at the Olympia later in the year. So, the two decided to join forces under the expert guidance of their mutual coach, Hany Rambod, to sculpt their back to perfection during a recent workout. 

Rambod led the pair through a series of machine exercises targeting the upper posterior body muscles, revealing numerous insider workout strategies during their back training. He emphasized the significance of alternating underhand and overhand grips in pull exercises to hit the muscles from different angles. Observe the techniques of these two Olympia champions and jot down Rambod's advice to enhance the size and strength of your back.


Cutler Gets His Flowers

Credit: Olympia TV / Giphy

Four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler is set to be honored with the 2024 Arnold Classic Lifetime Achievement Award. The Arnold Sports Festival declared that the bodybuilding icon will be presented with this esteemed accolade during the Saturday night finals of the 2024 Arnold Classic in Columbus, OH, on March 2. 

The news was disclosed across the organization's social media platforms. According to the Arnold Sports website, this honor is awarded to those “who have made notable contributions to the fitness industry and offered a lifetime of service to the enhancement of sports performance and promotion.” Recipients of this annual award are presented by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.


Step Up to Leg Gains 

Credit: Nick Walker / YouTube

  • Men's Open bodybuilder Nick Walker is gearing up for competition following a hiatus due to a hamstring injury at the 2023 Olympia. Watch his back workout and training techniques 14 weeks from the New York Pro. 

  • Seven-time Figure Olympia champ Cydney Gillon is bulking her lower body during the 2024 off-season. See which high-intensity movement she monitors her heart rate on. 

  • Are you sick of lunges and squats to hit your lower body? Try the beginner-friendly step-ups for a new way to work your glutes, quads, and hamstrings.