💪 5 Tips to Build Golden-Era Biceps


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Here’s what we have for you today: 

  • Reigning Arnold Classic champ Wesley Vissers’ top three biceps exercises for arm growth

  • How long should you rest between bench press sets?

  • Fitness influencer Will Tennyson’s three mouthwatering, high-protein dessert recipes


Golden Idols

Credit: Wesley Vissers

When you think of any bodybuilder from the so-called “Golden Era” of the 1970s, chances are they had a pair of biceps with high, chiseled peaks that almost seem impossible to replicate. And while you may never sculpt arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Franco Columbu, Classic Physique competitor Wesley Vissers recently revealed a few secrets behind sculpting Golden Era-worthy biceps.

Vissers outlines three exercises to develop the peak and width necessary for the type of growth you’re looking for. The reigning Arnold Classic champion emphasizes using cables to maintain the biceps in a stretched position and high-volume repetitions in the 12-20 range to provide the necessary stimulus for hypertrophy. Discover more of his invaluable insights to enhance your biceps' size and shape below.


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Bench More 

Credit: Kitreel / Shutterstock

The barbell bench press is arguably among the best exercises for sheer chest growth. But as you’re racking up new PRs and showcasing your plate-rattling power, there’s one question you should stop and ask yourself: How long should you rest in between sets? 

Is a one-minute rest enough to stimulate muscle growth, or is extending rest periods to three minutes more beneficial?

To get the answers you seek, we're diving into the science to provide guidelines on the optimal rest period between sets for maximizing chest muscle gains. By the end, you should have a clear picture of how long to rest in between sets on those ultra-heavy days beneath the bar.


Protein-Infused Desserts

Credit: Will Tennyson

Getting enough protein is crucial for muscle growth, yet increasing your protein intake often means eating endless amounts of bland meat or drinking protein shakes all day. However, fitness influencer Will Tennyson offers a delightful solution with his three delicious, protein-rich dessert recipes. 

These creations incorporate whey casein protein powder and essential ingredients like coconut flour, Greek yogurt, baking powder, and egg whites to create refreshing, low-sugar, and low-calorie treats packed with high-quality protein. Discover how to enjoy building muscle in a tastier way by learning these recipes.


Arm Day Every Day 

Credit: Garage Gym Reviews

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