💪 5 Dumbbell Workouts to Add Inches to Your Arms

Today's Ripped Report is a smorgasbord of workout tips and bodybuilding features that'll get your muscles twitching and your brain turning.

Here’s what we’re getting into today: 

  • How to use long-length partial reps for extra muscle growth 

  • Five dumbbell exercises for size and strength if you’re short on time 

  • The four go-to back exercises used by Men’s Physique Olympia champ Ryan Terry


Partial Reps, Full Gains

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Countless training techniques, like drop sets and supersets, are designed to ramp up workout intensity. But one method that's trending right now is long-length partial reps (LLP). This research-backed approach emphasizes maximizing your muscle's time under tension to yield more growth. 

Instead of solely focusing on contracting muscles during a rep, the goal here is to maximize tension during the stretch phase. For instance, when performing a biceps curl, after the initial full contraction, you'll bring the barbell back to the starting position and then raise it until your arms are parallel to the ground, completing the rep. This added tension during the stretch phase of the curl promotes greater growth. 

Below, you’ll find 10 exercises that apply this principle effectively to target specific areas like the hamstrings, triceps, and calves. 


Work It Out

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You're not alone if you want to build stronger, more impressive arms. And while a barbell is great for hitting big muscle groups like the chest and quads, dumbbells have distinct benefits when it comes to hitting secondary muscles like the biceps and triceps. 

For starters, dumbbells offer the convenience of portable training, allowing you to exercise from anywhere you choose. Additionally, it’s easier to really isolate each part of the arm, facilitating optimal muscle growth along the way. Whether you aspire to increase size and strength or simply want to address any imbalances between your arms, we’ve got five dumbbell arm workouts to satisfy all your goals.


Terry Rising

Credit: RyanJTerry / YouTube

Ryan Terry went from a seventh-place finish at the Olympia in 2022 to emerging as the victor in the Men's Physique division this year. And he attributes his remarkable progress to significant muscle mass gains in his back.

The 2023 Men's Physique Olympia winner used a combination of four machine movements, targeting his lats and rhomboids twice a week to enhance his back’s width and density. Check out the workout video on his YouTube channel to see the effective exercises that propelled Terry to victory at the Olympia. Then, give them a shot next time you hit the gym.


Be a Renegade

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