đź’Ş 5 Best Pre-Workout Meals for Bodybuilding


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Here’s what we’ve got today: 

  • Watch reigning Olympia champs Ryan Terry and Chris Bumstead join forces for a massive shoulder workout 

  • Fitness influencers Will Tennyson and Jeff Nippard name the top exercises for every major muscle group

  • The best pre-workout meals to reach your bodybuilding goals


Olympia Champs Unite 

Credit: RyanJTerry / YouTube

While distinct categories in bodybuilding, the Men’s Physique and Classic Physique divisions have a common winning factor — impressively developed deltoids. This shared goal led Ryan Terry, the reigning Men’s Physique Olympia champion, to join forces with five-time Classic Physique Olympia winner Chris Bumstead for a blistering off-season shoulder workout.

During their session, the pair utilized dumbbells and machines across four exercises designed to sculpt their shoulders. Bumstead focused on iso-holds and slow eccentric movements to stimulate muscle growth, whereas Terry emphasized a slower tempo with lighter weights to enhance muscle development.

Discover the training strategies these two Olympia champions are employing to defend their titles.


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Exercise Pecking Order

Credit: Will Tennyson / YouTube

You already know that you need to target your chest, back, legs, and arms each week for a truly well-rounded physique. However, discerning which exercises are worth it and which you can skip is a common dilemma. In a recent video collaboration, fitness influencers Will Tennyson and Jeff Nippard shed light on this issue.

Nippard highlights that the most effective exercises share three key characteristics:

1. High Tension & Stretch: Maximizing muscle effectiveness requires exercises that offer resistance during muscle stretching.

2. Comfort and Smooth Execution: It's important to select exercises that feel natural and focus on muscle engagement without putting undue stress on the joints.

3. Progressive Overload: For optimal results, enhance your training progressively by increasing weights and reps. 

For instance, Nippard advocates for the cable kickback as one of the best arm exercises because it ensures peak contraction for the triceps, as opposed to overhead extensions. That’s just one of the many tips in the article below.


Workout Ammunition 

Credit: @Garfield / Giphy

Achieving chiseled abs and bulging arms requires a diet that matches the intensity of your workouts. The nutrition you provide your body before hitting the gym is crucial in determining whether you'll smash new personal records or remain stagnant. Need help deciding which grub reigns supreme? We've curated a comprehensive list of the best pre-workout meals for bodybuilding, tailored to muscle gain or fat loss.

However, the nutritional strategy differs significantly between the cutting and bulking phases. For those aiming to slim down, it's advisable to opt for light snacks and high-protein options like protein oatmeal one to two hours before exercising. Conversely, individuals focusing on muscle gain should consider meals with higher fat content, such as nut butter on a bagel.

Explore our detailed guide on the timing and selection of pre-workout meals. It is designed to align your dietary intake with your fitness goals, ensuring your hard work translates into visible results.


Bulk Like a Bodybuilder

Credit: MDV Edwards / Shutterstock

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