💪 4 Easy Tips for Better Leg Workouts


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Here’s what we have for you today: 

  • Bodybuilding leg workout principles to build bigger quads and hamstrings

  • A budget-friendly grocery list to smash your fitness goals

  • Nine of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most valuable bodybuilding lessons


Don’t Skip It…

Credit: Hypertrophy Coach / YouTube

If you really want your physique to pop, you've got to build your quads and hammies — and to do that, you need a workout routine capable of delivering the goods. Few people are as qualified to craft a top-tier leg workout as Joe Bennett, a.k.a. the "Hypertrophy Coach."

Over the years, Bennett has trained countless physique athletes, including two-time Arnold Classic champion Terrence Ruffin. Bennett's approach to leg training transcends mere exercises; he focuses on instilling key training philosophies that take people to the next level. 

His methodology champions four critical principles for leg workouts: utilizing a full range of motion, focusing on mid-range training positions, avoiding repetitive exercises, and ensuring solid stability. Get all of Bennett’s leg day tips — including a full workout — in the article below.


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Cheap Eats

Credit: @TheOffice / Giphy

As grocery prices climb to dizzying heights, it's crucial to navigate healthy eating without emptying your wallet. Our budget-conscious grocery guide is the cornerstone of savvy shopping and meticulous meal planning, proving that nutritious eating doesn't have to be an extravagant expense.

Whether navigating chronic health issues, pushing your limits in grueling weightlifting routines, or simply aiming to live your healthiest life, the foundation of vitality is a wholesome diet. This means prioritizing nutrient-rich foods over processed alternatives. Our recommendations, such as opting for plant-based proteins and buying in bulk, offer flexibility to suit your unique dietary needs without burning a hole in your wallet. 

Discover a comprehensive list of affordable, healthy food selections supporting your fitness ambitions.


9 “Austrian Oak” Staples

Credit: Giphy

Who’s a better source of bodybuilding advice than the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger? He’s arguably the greatest of all time in the sport, and that’s why we've curated nine invaluable bodybuilding tips that Schwarzenegger himself has given over the years.

For starters, Schwarzenegger emphasizes the importance of performing the dumbbell pullover when developing the lats and pectorals. He’s also a strong proponent of using supersets to achieve extraordinary muscle pumps and incorporating posing sessions after heavy lifting to highlight muscle definition and striations.

Learn from the training philosophies that propelled the "Austrian Oak" to his seven Mr. Olympia victories. 


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Credit: World’s Strongest Man

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