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Here's what's in store for today:

  • Derek Lunsford showcases the chest workout he’s doing six weeks before the Olympia.

  • Watch how Dana Linn Bailey sculpts and tones her glutes.

  • Learn how to overcome strength, fat loss, and muscle growth plateaus.


A Championship Chest

Credit: Derek Lunsford / YouTube

A powerful chest is at the top of nearly every gym-goer’s wishlist. And what better way to learn how to get it than by taking cues from Derek Lunsford, who shocked the bodybuilding world in 2022 by placing second in his first Mr. Olympia contest.

With six weeks remaining until his next shot at the Mr. Olympia title, Lunsford shared a vlog showcasing his chest workout routine as he preps for the show. In the video, he utilizes a range of effective machine and dumbbell exercises, while offering valuable advice on maximizing muscle contraction during each move.

Sure, you won’t look like an Olympia hopeful by just following this workout alone, but if you need a few tips to help your chest reach new heights, there’s no better place to start.

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Glute Glow Up

Credit: Dana Linn Bailey / YouTube

It’s been a long time since bodybuilder Dana Linn Bailey last stepped onto a competition stage, but the 2013 Women's Physique Olympia champion still regularly posts training tips for fans who want to emulate her jaw-dropping look. And recently, she put a spotlight on building better glutes in a video on her YouTube channel.

While squats are effective for glute development, Bailey knows that incorporating isolation work into her routine is critical for maximum growth. That’s why she combines cables and machines with compound moves to hit her glutes from all angles. In the video, she expertly demonstrates each exercise, while providing invaluable form tips you need to follow. It’s as close as you’ll get to having DLB as your own personal trainer.


Plateau Buster

If you have 10 years of lifting under your belt, the rate at which you build strength and muscle will be much slower than your first year of training. But that doesn’t mean your progress has to come to a screeching halt just because you’re no longer a newbie.

Factors such as nutrition, training programs, and lifestyle choices can hinder your fitness journey, and these mistakes tend to pile up subtly over time without you even realizing it. Luckily, once you identify these obstacles, they can be easily rectified.

Continue reading to discover how protein, sleep, calorie intake, training methods, and more impact your ability to lose weight and build muscle. You've put in too much effort to remain stagnant, so check out the tips below to get back on track.


Ramy Withdraws!

Credit: @arnoldsportsand and @big_ramy / Instagram

  • Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay has officially withdrawn from the 2023 Olympia. Click here to find out why the two-time champ is stepping aside.

  • It’s official! Breon Ansley has decided to stay in the Classic Physique division as he goes for a remarkable third Olympia title. Are you curious about why he changed his mind about moving to the 212 division? Find out here.

  • Cable machines allow you to target your entire body from multiple angles. See the best cable machines of 2023 that our team has handpicked for the ultimate home gym setup.

  • The kettlebell goblet squat is less demanding on your knees and back than other squat alternatives. Just make sure you’re doing it right.


Hadi’s Competition

Credit: @nick_walker39 / Instagram

Who is Hadi Choopan's biggest threat at the 2023 Mr. Olympia? Pick one below to vote:

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