💪 3 Powerful Chest & Triceps Workouts

Is there anything worse than getting to the gym and realizing you left your headphones at home? It keeps us up at night…

Let’s focus on the positive, shall we? Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

  • The best chest and triceps workouts for every experience level.

  • Pre-workout meals that will help you hit your specific bodybuilding goals.

  • The full 2023 Pittsburgh Pro results.


Two for One

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When you think of organizing yourself a body part split, your chest and triceps seem to just…fit. They’re so inseparable that many of the most popular splits will inevitably have you train them together. Why?

The two muscle groups are highly synergistic. Your pecs move the barbell (or dumbbells, or cable, or whatever) when you perform all manner of pressing exercises, sure, but your triceps ride shotgun. You’d be hard-pressed to find a compound push exercise that doesn’t involve them both to some degree.

Whether this is your first foray into chest and triceps training or you’re looking for a new spin on a classic pairing, this workout is built for you. These are the best chest triceps workouts you can do for your unique experience level in the weight room.


Pre-Workout Fuel

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You don’t just head to the gym to work out — you’re there with a mission. You’re on a quest to build the most muscle possible. Maybe that means you’re entering your first bodybuilding show, or you might be just using bodybuilding methods to get that elusive X-frame.

Whatever your reasons for pursuing bodybuilding, you know that what you do on the platform needs to be matched by what you do in the kitchen. And that means finding the right food to fuel your training so you can keep making progress.

While you might think that means finding the right protein-filled meal for after the gym, today, we’re focusing on the meals you should eat before you train. So whether you’re bulking, cutting, or maintaining, click below to find the right pre-workout meal for you.


The 2023 Pittsburgh Pro

Image: @coreymmorris on Instagram

The 2023 Pittsburgh Pro took place over the weekend at the Wyndham Grand Downtown Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA. Six pro divisions held competitions at the show, with nearly 100 bodybuilders hoping to pick up a win, along with the 2023 Olympia qualification that comes with it.

But the Pittsburgh Pro is about more than just a bodybuilding show — the yearly contest is also known for bringing in some of the top Mr. Olympia competitors to guest pose in front of the crowd. And just like last year, Derek Lunsford brought down the house with yet another massive showing as he eyes his first Mr. Olympia win later this year. He was joined by Big Ramy, Hunter Labrada, and Samson Dauda — basically, it was a veritable who’s-who of top Men’s Open competitors.

Check out our full recap of the show, including the winners for all six divisions, below:


More Shows, More Results

Image: @_savannah_joy on Instagram

  • The 2023 California Night of Champions Pro Show also went down this weekend. See who took home the win in the Bikini division.

  • Bodybuilder Hunter Labrada is looking to bounce back after a seventh-place finish at the 2022 Mr. Olympia. Here’s a look at how he’s training to improve his off-season.

  • Finally, we’re breaking down the pros and cons of whey and plant-based protein powders. See which one works best for your goals.


When to Eat?

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