💪 3 Dumbbell Exercises for Beefy Biceps


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Here’s what we have for you: 

  • Four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler’s top three dumbbell exercises for biceps development

  • Ph.D. sports physiologist Dr. Mike Israetel breaks down three movements for back and shoulder hypertrophy

  • The leg workout legendary bodybuilder Dorian Yates performs to build robust legs in his 60s


3 Biceps Builders

Credit: Jay Cutler / Instagram

Strong biceps aren't just aesthetically pleasing — they enhance functionality and upper body strength. The best part? Achieving muscular arms doesn't require sophisticated equipment, either. Jay Cutler, a four-time Mr. Olympia champion boasting 22.5-inch biceps, demonstrates that effective biceps growth can be achieved with just three simple dumbbell exercises.

Cutler's biceps training method stands out for its focus on movements that guarantee optimal muscle contraction. He particularly favors the single-arm dumbbell preacher curl, which allows for complete elbow flexion and extension, effectively isolating the biceps and engaging all muscle fibers. He stresses the importance of a full range of motion to achieve a deep stretch and maximum contraction. 

Discover the scientific principles behind the three dumbbell exercises that Cutler endorses for the biceps.


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Competition Ready 

Credit: Renaissance Periodization / YouTube

Broad shoulders enhance your physique and are crucial for executing push movements; a strong back, on the other hand, is often the key to winning bodybuilding competitions. Dr. Mike Israetel, a Ph.D. in sports physiology, is preparing for a bodybuilding contest and has shared three essential moves he’s doing to develop the back and deltoids. 

A significant aspect of Dr. Israetel's regimen includes extensive warm-ups before proceeding to his working sets, emphasizing the importance of preparing the muscles for intense activity. He’s cautious not to train to the point of failure to avoid unnecessary fatigue. Additionally, Dr. Israetel employs innovative techniques, such as adjusting his stance during cable lateral raises with a free-motion Y-raise to maximally engage the lateral deltoids. 

Watch as the exercise scientist divulges his methods and offers a detailed breakdown of each exercise.


Big Legs, But No Squats? 

Credit: @thedorianyates / Instagram

Dorian Yates, a six-time Mr. Olympia, was instrumental in defining the "mass monster" era that prevailed in bodybuilding during the '90s and '00s. Now, at 62, he continues his rigorous training, albeit with significant modifications from the days of performing 1500-pound leg presses. 

Today, Yates' evolved leg day routine is streamlined and focuses on four exercises. This new protocol focuses on bodyweight squats, along with a few isolation machine movements that target his quads and hamstrings. Traditional squats and any form of isolation exercise for the calves are no more

Learn more about “The Shadow’s” training methodology, including the rationale behind his structured approach, the specific sets and rep scheme, and the exercises he enhances with drop sets.


Beefed-Up Delts & Traps 

Credit: Chris Bumstead / YouTube

  • Five-time Classic Physique Olympia champ Chris Bumstead discusses his 2024 Olympia prep in an interview. See his plans to become the “Michael Jordan” of bodybuilding. 

  • Men’s Open bodybuilder Hunter Labrada completed his final leg workout before his next competition with Classic Physique bodybuilder Terrence Ruffin. Watch Labrada’s final off-season leg workout before the 2024 Italy Pro here

  • The upright row is excellent for engaging your upper back and deltoids. Learn the ends and outs of this movement to build beefy traps and shoulders.