💪 3 Best Arm Exercises for Strength and Size


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Here’s what we have for you: 

  • An exclusive interview with bodybuilder Nick Walker 

  • Powerlifter Jordan Shallow shares three of the most important arm exercises

  • Six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates shares his shredded physique at 62 years old


Oozing Confidence

Credit: @nick_walker39 / YouTube

Bodybuilder Nick Walker came away with a win at the 2024 New York Pro last month, marking his third professional victory since his debut in 2020. Now, his sights are set on the 2024 Mr. Olympia, scheduled at Resorts World in Las Vegas, NV, from October 10-13. 

In an exclusive interview with BarBend, Walker shared insights into his journey, his recovery process from a recent hamstring injury, and why he thinks he’s the man to beat at the Olympia this year.

“I visualize myself holding that trophy every year. I even practice the speech I would give,” Walker told us. 

For a closer look at “The Mutant” and what to expect from him at this year’s Olympia, read the full interview below.


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3 Arm-Builders

Credit: @xbox / Giphy

Achieving sleeve-ripping arms is a common aspiration among fitness enthusiasts, yet it demands a well-thought-out strategy. Dr. Jordan Shallow, a chiropractor, strength coach, and experienced powerlifter, leverages his profound experience with top-tier athletes to address this challenge.

Dr. Shallow emphasizes the importance of mobility and stability in training as crucial elements for success. Through social media, he recently unveiled a strategic plan, showcasing three specific arm-strengthening exercises that promise to redefine your fitness journey.

An important aspect of Dr. Shallow's exercise selection lies in enhancing the shoulder's capability for hyperextension. He argues this is vital for arm development and shoulder well-being, as opposed to solely depending on overhead exercises. Furthermore, Dr. Shallow says you should dedicate a separate day just to arm training, emphasizing its importance over treating arms as a secondary focus during push-pull routines. 


No Dad Bod for Yates

Credit: @TheDorianYates / Instagram

Six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates defies age with his remarkable physique at 62. And his recent Instagram post, featuring his impressively defined back on full display at the beach, is all the proof you need. 

If you want to look even half as good at half his age, you need the right routine. Thankfully, Yates also shared five foundational back exercises crucial for the everyday gym-goer. 

From pulldowns and partial deadlifts to barbell and machine rows, learn the keys to Yates’ physique and integrate them into your own routine. You may not look like Mr. Olympia at the end of it, but you’ll certainly be sore. 


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Take Your Biceps to Church 

Credit: Jeff Nippard / YouTube

  • The push-pull leg split is one of the best training splits for building an incredible physique. Here are scientifically proven exercises fitness specialist Jeff Nippard recommends including in your very own split. 

  • IFBB Pro Men’s Open bodybuilders Nathan De Asha and Rubiel Mosquera trained to support each other in their quest to build massive arms. See their biceps and triceps workout performed at the Oxygen Gym in Kuwait. 

  • Preacher curls support biceps growth because they increase the range of motion. Learn how to do them and take your biceps to church here.