💪 24 Best Bodybuilding Exercises You Need in Your Routine


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Here’s what we’re diving into today: 

  • A breakdown of the best bodybuilding exercises per muscle group

  • A simple hack that can add 10 pounds to your bench press 1-rep max

  • How bodybuilding legend Tom Platz maintains jacked legs at 68


The Best of the Best 

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Choosing the best exercise for each muscle group is daunting, even for veteran gym-goers. Should you opt for machine leg curls or Romanian deadlifts for hamstrings? Preacher curls or hammer curls? The article below eliminates the guesswork by presenting the premier bodybuilding exercises for each muscle group.

We've meticulously selected the foremost exercise for 12 muscle groups, complemented by runner-up exercises, to ensure a comprehensive total-body workout. Moreover, we offer expert advice on executing each move flawlessly so you get the most out of them. Craft your ultimate summer workout plan with our guide below.


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Bench Press More

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One of the most frequently asked questions among gym enthusiasts is: "How much can you bench press?" The bench press has been the quintessential measure of brute strength among fitness aficionados since the dawn of weightlifting, and rightly so. Demonstrating a strong bench press indicates robust chest, shoulders, and triceps muscles, translating into unparalleled upper-body power.

However, have you been plateauing and unable to increase your bench press weight for the past year?

Excitingly, a recent study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research in March 2024 revealed that a simple back arch could add nearly 10 pounds to a participant's one-rep max on the barbell bench press.

Learn more about the findings and how you can take advantage of them in the article below.


The “Quadfather” Returns

Credit: @TomPlatz / Instagram

Tom Platz, affectionately known as the "Quadfather" from the golden era of bodybuilding, is celebrating his 69th birthday on June 26. Remarkably, Platz recently shared an update on his physique via Instagram, showcasing his still-enviable leg muscles years after stepping away from the competitive bodybuilding stage. So, what's his secret?

In celebration of the Quadfather's upcoming birthday, we're taking a deep dive into his legendary career and the origins of his well-deserved nickname. Additionally, we're offering an electrifying leg workout inspired by Platz himself. This specialized routine includes the exact exercises, sets, and reps needed to start your journey toward achieving quads that, while perhaps not exactly like Platz's, are certainly impressive.


Fuel Your Arm Day

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