đź’° 20+ Presidents' Day Deals on Gym Equipment and Supps

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Here’s what we’ve got for you: 

  • Dr. Mike Israetel shares his 10 favorite exercises for hypertrophy

  • Try Jay Cutler’s tips for building a bigger back 

  • The best Presidents’ Day sales on equipment, supplements, and more


Mass Gainers

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There are countless exercises at your disposal if you want to gain muscle; however, some are way more effective than others. Want advice on which moves to choose? You’re in luck because Dr. Mike Israetel, who has a Ph.D. in sports physiology, revealed his top 10 exercises to supercharge your gains. 

His expert blend of personal preferences and the revolutionary stimulus-to-fatigue ratio supports these recommendations. This ratio is the key to unlocking exercises that amplify your gains and minimize the risk of injuries and overtraining. From lower body moves like high-bar squats to back movements like deficit barbell bent-over row, Dr. Israetel has the keys to supreme full-body muscle growth. Get all the moves below. 


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Cutler’s Back Blueprint 

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“Bodybuilding shows are won from the back.” That quote is a cliche at this point, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. A well-sculpted, strong back not only enhances the visual appeal of your physique but also improves functionality and posture. This is precisely why four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler still dedicates 21 sets on pull day to target his back muscles.

Cutler utilizes underhand grips during pulldowns to effectively engage his lat muscles, which play a significant role when executing the front double biceps pose on stage. Furthermore, he favors the standing T-bar row over the chest-supported variation due to its higher level of difficulty. Discover the nine exercises that constitute the pull day routine of the four-time Mr. Olympia, along with his invaluable tips for maximizing back muscle growth.


Hail to the Deals

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Looking to upgrade your home gym or refill your pre-workout cache? Take advantage of the incredible holiday deals on top-quality strength equipment and supplements for Presidents’ Day. Whether you're looking to get the basics like a power rack and dumbbells or want to spoil yourself with a new sauna, you can save hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars from brands like REP Fitness, Sole, Onnit, and countless others. 

We can go on and on for the sake of hitting a word count, but let’s just cut to the chase and browse the best sales below. 


Gainsville, USA

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