💪 The 20 Best (and Worst) Triceps Exercises


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Here’s what we’ve got for you: 

  • A full breakdown of how Arnold Schwarzenegger trained for his seven Mr. Olympia titles

  • Fitness professional Jeff Nippard ranks the best and worst triceps exercises

  • Influencer Sam Sulek shares grocery haul tips for getting shredded


The “Austrian Oak’s” Training Blueprint

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What distinguished Arnold Schwarzenegger's training from his contemporaries? His ascent to bodybuilding supremacy was characterized by an innovative fusion of powerlifting, bodybuilding, and weightlifting techniques. However, his relentless pursuit of greatness set him apart, laying the foundation for his iconic physique.

The “Austrian Oak's” training philosophy boils down to intensity, focus, and progression. Key strategies included cultivating an intense pump, fostering a strong mind-muscle connection, and consistently increasing both volume and weight in his exercises. The article below will guide you through Schwarzenegger's developmental years as he sculpted his body, his middle years of seeking perfection, his current regimen to uphold his physique, and an in-depth look at a typical training session from his Olympia heyday.


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Suns Out, Guns Out 

Credit: Jeff Nippard

Deciding between dips, EZ bar extensions, or cable pushdowns for triceps engagement can be overwhelming. Fitness expert Jeff Nippard has simplified this dilemma by curating a list of 20 triceps exercises and evaluating them based on scientific evidence to determine their effectiveness. He ranked these exercises using criteria focusing on their ability to generate high muscle tension when stretched, ensure comfort without causing pain, and facilitate easy progression.

In his analysis, Nippard delved into the impact of each exercise on the three triceps muscles: the long head (rear), medial head (middle), and lateral head (outer). He referenced a groundbreaking study from 2023, highlighting the superiority of overhead extensions over pressdowns, revealing a 40-percent increase in triceps growth with the former.

Understand the scientific principles behind each exercise to optimize your arm workouts and avoid less effective ones.


Grocery Shopping 101 

Credit: Sam Sulek / YouTube

Have you ever been told not to shop for groceries on an empty stomach? This advice rings particularly true for those looking to trim down body fat. Making smart choices at the grocery store is crucial for providing your body with the necessary nutrients during a cutting phase. Fitness content creator Sam Sulek offers valuable insights from his two-month weight loss journey, including essential tips for intelligent grocery shopping.

Sulek's grocery shopping strategies emphasize the importance of monitoring daily macronutrient and calorie consumption, prioritizing lean protein sources, selecting low-GI (glycemic index) complex carbohydrates, opting for sugar-free options whenever feasible, and consuming smaller meals more frequently throughout the day while cutting. Discover the foods Sulek recommends for achieving a leaner physique.


Can You Spot Me?

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