💪 13 Powerful Trap Exercises You Can't Lift Without


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Here’s what we’ve got today: 

  • A review of 10 bodybuilding supplements that support muscle growth and recovery 

  • How to perform 13 trap exercises that add size to your frame 

  • A breakdown of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Phil Heath's upper body workout at the 2024 Arnold Sports Festival UK 


Fuel Your Workouts 

Credit: Transparent Labs

Hitting your fitness goals primarily hinges on the right diet and gym routine. However, to truly enhance muscle growth, overcome plateaus, and add that final layer of definition to your physique, incorporating high-quality supplements into your nutrition plan is key. 

That said, there are countless supplements on the market. Joint support supplements safeguard your body during intense lifting sessions. Pre-workouts provide the necessary energy boost for your training, while whey protein is essential for muscle development. With so many supplements available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

And that’s exactly why we've provided you with a clear-cut rundown of the 10 most effective bodybuilding supplements to optimize your workout performance, recovery, and muscle growth. 


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It’s a Trap! 

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Though often neglected, the trapezius muscles can dramatically enhance your physique, giving your body that trademark bulk shared by every bodybuilding great. Beyond aesthetics, they also play a pivotal role in your workouts, aiding shoulder movements during presses and supporting your lats during rows. However, developing standout traps requires targeted training beyond barbell shrugs. 

To help you build the biggest traps at your gym, we wrote a list of 13 must-do exercises, utilizing everything from machines to dumbbells and trap bars. Each exercise is accompanied by detailed instructions, recommended reps and sets, and advice for maximizing the effectiveness of each lift. 

Catering to all levels, from beginners to advanced lifters, there’s a workout plan for you to sculpt a formidable physique.


Seven-Time Olympia’s Unite 

Credit: @Schwarzenegger / Instagram

What unfolds when two seven-time Mr. Olympia champions share a gym? We recently found out when Arnold Schwarzenegger and Phil Heath executed a joint training session at the 2024 Arnold Sports Festival UK, held in Birmingham from March 15-17.

During the event, Schwarzenegger and Heath demonstrated a range of exercises, including rows, pulldowns, and curls during a back, chest, and biceps workout. Heath introduced unilateral movements, adjusted his grip to address imbalances, and engaged a comprehensive spectrum of posterior upper body muscles. Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger concentrated on enhancing the mind-muscle connection through bilateral exercises. 

Click the link below to explore the distinct training methodologies of these legendary bodybuilders and witness their workout mastery.

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“The Mutant” Is Back 

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