💪 13 Best Quad Exercises for Size

We don’t mean to brag, but what other fitness brand could so gracefully weave a SpongeBob SquarePants GIF into their newsletter?

Here’s what we have on deck today:

  • Bodybuilder Robby Robinson is looking absolutely ripped at 76 years old.

  • The best quad exercises that should be in your training routine.

  • Lee Haney and Samson Dauda square off in a fantasy bodybuilding matchup.


Like a Fine Wine

GIF: Mike O’Hearn on YouTube

Bodybuilders don’t stop living the lifestyle just because they don’t compete anymore. Case in point: “The Black Prince” Robby Robinson still trains hard at 76 years old.

The 1994 Masters Olympia champion recently trained arms with Mike O’Hearn and showed off a lean, muscular physique that looks borderline stage-ready. For any younglings in need of a primer, Robinson’s influence in bodybuilding dates back to the mid-1970s. He won multiple shows throughout the decade, culminating with the IFBB’s Mr. World championship in 1975.

His final onstage appearance was at the 2001 Masters Olympia, where he placed fourth overall. Even though it’s been over two decades since Robinson’s last contest, he told O’Hearn that his passion for training has never wavered. We can tell, Robby.


Quad Up With These 13 Moves

Image: Sjale / Shutterstock

Few muscles exemplify power and strength more than thick, strong quads peeking through a pair of shorts. And not only do they look great, but they’re essential for performance and healthy movement for countless exercises.

Building powerful quads isn’t a complicated process — but it does take time, programming, and planning. Luckily, we’re here with a list of the 13 best exercises to nail your quads. Think of it as a cheat code for bigger gains.


Lee Haney vs. Samson Dauda

Image: @lee_haney_official and @samson__dauda on Instagram

Samson Dauda made a statement when he won the 2023 Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio, back in March. In taking the title, he solidified his place in the top echelon of the Men’s Open division alongside elite athletes like Hadi Choopan, Nick Walker, Derek Lunsford, and Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay.

It was also a victory for fans of bodybuilding’s bygone era as Dauda’s physique and presentation are reminiscent of a past Mr. Olympia who dominated the sport back in the ’80s: Eight-time Sandow Trophy winner Lee Haney. 

And ever since the Arnold, bodybuilding fans online have wondered what would’ve happened if these two ever met on the same stage for a posedown in their primes. Obviously, that can’t happen, but that didn’t stop us from comparing them head-to-head in a fantasy bodybuilding showdown.


Flex’s Asking Price

Image: @flex_lewis on Instagram

  • Retired bodybuilding champ James “Flex” Lewis said he’d entertain a return to the stage if it involved a seven-figure payday. (This newsletter editor would entertain the same offer, by the way.)

  • The clean pull is one of the best power-builders you’re not doing. Let’s change that.

  • Another Bikini competitor has qualified for the 2023 Olympia after winning this past weekend’s 2023 Grl Pwr Championships show. Get the results here.


Let’s Talk Legs

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