💪 13 Best Exercises for Sculpting Your Shoulders


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Here’s what we’ve got for you: 

  • Four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler explains why the bench press is the worst bodybuilding exercise

  • How five-time Classic Physique Olympia champ Chris Bumstead leverages tempo training in his chest and triceps workouts for enhanced results

  • 13 shoulder exercises guaranteed to blow up your delts 


No More Bench?

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The bench press, often hailed as the supreme upper-body exercise and a cornerstone of the big three lifts, is being scrutinized. Four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler critiques it as "the worst exercise for bodybuilding," highlighting its potential for causing severe shoulder strain and pec tears.

Cutler argues that the risk-to-reward ratio of bench pressing is disproportionately high. While lighter weights may pose minimal risk, the introduction of heavier loads significantly increases the likelihood of injury. Furthermore, he notes that athletes' explosive movements can escalate the risk of chest tendon tears. 

So, does the four-time Mr. Olympia's stance against the bench press hold water? Our investigation, grounded in various research-based sources, delves into this question. Discover whether the bench press deserves its place in your workout routine or if Cutler's cautionary advice to exclude it holds merit.


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Tempo Training Yields More Gains

Credit: Chris Bumstead / YouTube

Unlock the potential of tempo training, a method poised to amplify your fitness progress. Tempo training, or the strategic variation of the speed at which you execute each movement, can significantly enhance your results in the gym. Chris Bumstead, a five-time Classic Physique Olympia champion, is a big proponent of this approach in his chest and triceps routines.

A study published in the Sports Medicine journal revealed that varying tempos, incorporating slower eccentrics with faster concentric movements, leads to superior muscle growth. Adjusting the tempo within your sets allows you to extend the time under tension, which is crucial for the gains you’re looking for.

Watch the video below to see the meticulous techniques CBum employs as he leverages this strategy in a comprehensive chest and triceps session featuring a challenging giant set.


Shoulder the Load

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Strong, broad shoulders enhance your V-taper and contribute to a well-rounded upper body strength. This, in turn, allows you to lift heavier weights during bench and overhead presses while simultaneously reducing your risk of injuries. Various exercises are necessary to target the three shoulder heads — anterior, medial, and rear — but we've eliminated the guesswork for you by compiling a list of the 13 best shoulder exercises.

Our guide breaks down a complete workout for each exercise, including the recommended sets and reps, targeted muscles, and required equipment. Additionally, we provide detailed instructions on executing each movement correctly and modifications and tips to ensure you achieve an effective workout regardless of your circumstances. Explore our top shoulder exercises for enhanced strength, muscle development, and stability. 


Stronger Grip, Bigger Lifts

Credit: 4 PM production / Shutterstock

  • Forearm strength enhances grip strength, enabling heavier loads to be lifted. Learn how to do the barbell wrist curl for stronger forearms and lifts. 

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