💪 10 Tips for Building Muscle Over 40

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If you’re wondering how you can keep seeing gains in the gym past 40 — never fear! We’ve got 10 muscle-building tips for you. ​​

There aren’t many bodybuilding legends bigger than Ronnie Coleman. And “The King” recently detailed the four poses that helped him win those eight Olympia titles. 

Two-time Classic Physique Olympia champ Breon Ansley is making the move to the 212 division. He explained why lifting heavier doesn’t always help him get bigger. 


Fit Over 40

Image: Paul Aiken / Shutterstock

It’s every lifter’s goal to pack on muscle and get stronger, right? If not, why go to the gym so darn much? You probably started in your teens and toyed around to figure out what worked and what didn’t. You built some muscle and had a great time reaching some hard-earned milestones. Who doesn’t remember their first time putting two plates on the bar? 

But then, you got a little older and developed a few aches and pains “out of nowhere.” It was somewhat freeing to swing open the gym doors, perform a bare minimum warm-up, and pile plates onto the bar while throwing caution to the wind. Things are a little different now.

It’s time to train like you’re 40 (or older). That doesn’t mean you need to join the Silver Sneakers group exercise class, but you’ll need to assess your recent progress, consider your overall health, and maybe even adjust your goals.


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The King's Moves

GIF: Olympia TV on YouTube

​​Ronnie Coleman needs no introduction. The eight-time Mr. Olympia put together one of the best careers in the history of bodybuilding, and he’s still among the most popular competitors in the sport, despite not competing on the stage since 2007.  

“The King” recently took to his YouTube channel to talk about the four poses that helped him become the most successful competitor of his generation. For bodybuilding fans, this type of insight into the mechanics of the sport is a rare treat.


Ansley on Hypertrophy

Image: @breonma_ on Instagram

Two-time Classic Physique Olympia champ Breon Ansley has been hitting the weights with a newfound intensity as he conditions his physique to compete in the 212 division. That transition unshackles Ansley from the weight cap required in the Classic Physique division, and he’s looking to add as much mass to his frame as possible. 

While lifting heavier weights is often linked with muscle growth, Ansley believes lifting heavy doesn’t necessarily lead to hypertrophy. Instead, he trains for muscle stimulation with little rest between sets. He explained why during a shoulder training session in a recent video published on his YouTube channel. Check it out below:


Discover the Single-Leg Deadlift

Image: DIY Fit Life / Youtube

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