💪 10 Epic Bodybuilding Comeback Stories

We’re closing out June with enough fitness tips and bodybuilding content to keep you busy all through the holiday weekend.

Here's our lineup for today:

  • We look back at 10 inspiring bodybuilding comeback stories.

  • Explore the effectiveness of the 5x5 training program for enhanced size and strength.

  • Discover bikini bodybuilder Daraja Weidemoyer’s world-class glute routine.


Comeback Kids

Image: neverfearfailure.com via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Everyone loves a good comeback story. And if you follow bodybuilding passionately, you’ve likely witnessed plenty of legendary returns over the years.

Maybe you remember Arnold Schwarzenegger's triumphant return at the 1980 Mr. Olympia after his extended Hollywood hiatus. Or perhaps you were there for the resurgence of Ms. Olympia in 2020 following a six-year absence.

The sport is full of these unforgettable moments, and we’re delving into some of the most memorable ones.


5x5 Strength Program

GIF: @NBC on Giphy

Achieving greater muscle mass and strength doesn't necessarily require excessive training volume. And that’s why you should know about the renowned 5x5 training program, a time-tested method for cultivating muscle growth and enhancing strength in the gym.

As the name implies, this program entails performing exercises with five sets of five reps. But what specific exercises should you incorporate? How frequently should you train? And why does this approach yield impressive results?

Stick around for a comprehensive guide to the 5x5 workout protocol, revealing how it paves the way for simultaneous gains in size and strength.


Glute Builders

Image: Paul Revelia on YouTube

The glutes, the largest muscle in the human body, play a crucial role in sculpting an attractive hourglass figure for bikini competitors. It also enhances overall muscle mass and strength while aiding in calorie burning.

Bikini bodybuilder Daraja Weidemoyer recently achieved her best placement at the 2022 Olympia, narrowly missing the third-place spot. Now she’s dedicated to elevating her glute game as she strives to reach the pinnacle of her division.

Curious about the exercises she’s incorporating into her training routine? Check out her intense glute workout in the article below.


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