💪 10 "Cheat" Foods to Supercharge Your Workouts

If you’ve hit a rut in your training routine, just sit back and let The Ripped Report take the wheel. Think of us as the cure for the common plateau.

Here's what we’ve got for you today:

  • Four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler showcases his impressive physique at 50 years old.

  • Explore nine variations of triceps extensions to build bigger and stronger arms.

  • And finally, we’ve rounded up 10 seemingly "unhealthy" foods that can help you power through your lifts.


Like a Fine Wine

Credit: @musclecontest / Instagram

Four-time Mr. Olympia winner Jay Cutler recently celebrated his 50th birthday. But unlike many his age, Cutler looked absolutely stage-ready while ringing in another trip around the sun.

Since the beginning of 2022, Cutler has embarked on a transformative journey called "Fit for 50," aiming to achieve his best physique since his last appearance at the Olympia in 2013. One of his goals was to reduce his body fat from around 14% to an impressive 8%. (His Olympia stage body fat sat around 3% for reference.)

Two days after turning 50, he took the stage and posed with bodybuilder Regan Grimes at the prestigious 2023 MuscleContest Fit Expo. To say Cutler hit his goals would be a massive understatement. Check it out below.


Triceps Gains

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While it's crucial to work on your biceps, the triceps take up around two-thirds of your upper arm. So if you really want to fill out your shirt sleeves, prioritizing triceps training should be top of mind.

In addition to helping beef up your arms, developing stronger triceps aids in compound pushing exercises like the barbell bench press and overhead press. But those same pushing exercises alone won’t build your tris — no, you need to opt for isolation movements to really feel the burn. And chief among those iso moves is the triceps extension.

You’ve probably done the standard version of this exercise a million times, but there are plenty of variations out there that work the muscle in different ways. And below, you’ll find nine of the top variations to help kick your workouts into high gear.


Cheat Fuel

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While the fitness industry has often written off specific foods as unhealthy, it's important to recognize that no food is entirely off-limits. In fact, certain foods deemed “unhealthy” have the potential to enhance your workout performance.

Naturally, prioritizing a diet rich in nutritious foods is paramount for supporting overall well-being. This entails reducing the intake of processed foods, empty calories, sugar, sodium, and trans fats. But what about eating for performance? Well, that’s a different story. Meals dense in calories and carbs can help support athletic performance, especially for those who burn a lot of calories.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts often come across foods labeled as "bad,” but some of those foods — like Pop-Tarts and doughnuts — actually offer unexpected benefits. Here are 10 foods that provide a generous amount of easily digestible carbohydrates, protein, and sodium to fuel your workouts.


Dauda’s BBQ Plan

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