💪 10 Best Carbs for Bodybuilders

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We’re kicking off today’s top bodybuilding stories by looking back at Lou Ferrigno. More specifically, we’re examining just how strong he was throughout his career.

Next, we’re debunking some pesky misunderstandings about carbs and pointing you toward which ones are absolutely essential if you want to hit your bodybuilding goals.

And in case you really want to punish your legs this week, we’re breaking down the time-tested — but no less terrifying — 20-rep squat program.

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Lou’s Biggest Lifts

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​​In 1992, Lou Ferrigno made bodybuilding headlines when he returned to the Mr. Olympia after 17 years away from the sport. Posing to Bill Conti’s “Gonna Fly Now,” the Pumping Iron star stepped on stage at an astounding 290 pounds. Even by his own standards, Ferrigno was big that night, perhaps bigger than ever.

Although his big comeback was squelched by a 12th-place finish, Ferrigno’s sheer size and muscle density still managed to impress. It was clear that he maintained a serious training program during his time away from the sport — and that shouldn’t have come as a surprise. The heavy weights and timeless exercises that forged his physique during the 1970s never go out of style.

But how exactly did Ferrigno build his physique over the years — and just how strong was he?


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Fuel Your Gains

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To succeed in your bodybuilding endeavors, you’ll need the energy to smash workout after workout. You’ll also need a sustained caloric surplus to build muscle mass long-term. As such, if you’re on the quest for size and aesthetics, eventually, you’ll find yourself digging through heaps of carbohydrates.

The days of carbohydrate avoidance are long gone, but not all carbs are created equally. There are some unique pros and cons between carbohydrate sources that can help you construct a diet specific to your preferences. Below, you’ll find out which carbs are the best to eat for bodybuilders.


Get With the Program

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The 20-rep squat program has a long and fabled history in the strength and fitness community because it emphasizes the basics: the classic barbell back squat, plenty of hard work, and a fair amount of mental and physical endurance.

At its core, it’s a relatively simple concept: the program involves three concentrated training days per week and centers around full-body workouts with squats performed in every session. The idea is to pick a weight you can squat for a set of around 10 reps and then squat it for 20 instead.

Sounds simple on paper — but in practice, it’s a punishing routine that requires a fair amount of mental and physical endurance. Got what it takes?


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Starch Decisions

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You can only eat one of these carbs for the rest of your life — which one is it? Pick one below to vote:

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